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Vertical Map Competition
This is the thread for the new mapping event being discussed.

UPDATE: Here are the rules for the event:
* All entities/brushfaces inside 768x768
* No teleporting the player
* Deadline july 14 (extended from june 30)
* Single-player
* Playable in Quoth
Link To Previous Discussion 
Could The 512� Playable... 
...area shift on different vertical levels? That is to say, if there is one 512� room on top of another, do they have to line up on the x and z axis, or could they overlap, just so long as it doesn't allow the player any more than 512*512 horizontal movement space at any one time?

How about non-playable area? I assume there could be some detailing through a window that isn't part of the 512� playable area... 
yes, they have to line up for the sake of consistency. areas outside of the 512� field are allowed of course, as long as the player can't reach them. those could also be used for monsters. 
1024� FTW! 
The 512� idea sounds good to me, I might even join in on the fun. I would recommend extending it to 1024�, though. 512� might be a tad to cramped.

One question: Standard Quake, Quoth, something else? 
The golden middle path! 
I was worried that 1024 might be so big that it wouldn't be much of a restriction... but I guess for a sizable SP map, it might be.

There's also 768�... 
i want to participate! 
I like the idea posted in the speedmapping thread: one texture 
How about 1024 High x 512 Wide x 512 Deep?

The textures could also be limited to anything non-Base due to the upcoming Base pack. 
if we limit the height then that works against the idea of making vertical maps...

What we want is a rule or set of rules that, by restricting one aspect of the map building, encourages people to go another direction in creative ways, and take it as far as they want in that direction. So if we want to encourage vertical maps, we restrict the horizontal, and leave the vertical free.

Same with the "use each entity at least once" idea... we wouldn't restrict people to use each ONLY once because the goal was to explore using underused entities... if we stop you at 1 each, then we're stopping the very thing we were trying to encourage, which is more use of those entities! 
'Use each entity at least once' interests me. Does that include every monster/item? What about undocumented entities from the progs? IIRC any function can be called as a spawn function which would be somewhat impractical. Maybe restrict it to all the entities that have a 'QUAKE-ED' comment in the source. 
if i make a circular tower does it still need to fit within 512x512 or can I make it occupy the same area as a 512x512 square floor would? (i.e 512x512 = PIxR^2 of the circle)

If not it seems we are limited by shape if we want a reasonable floor.

Also, are there any rules as to which way the player should travel in the tower. Down is just as legal as up, right? 
The areas outside the main floorspace can hold monsters right? By this I mean monsters that could be attacking the player from a distance such as vores, scrags or ogres. Is this ok, or do we need to put all enemies inside the main 512x512 area? 
Personally I think that every entity and visible brushface should fit inside the square footprint of 512� or 768� or 1024� area. And we should pick the dimensions that feel appropriate for that. 
I don't think "use every entity" is a good idea.
Do you really want to force mappers to use those rarely seen entities like info_null, info_player_start2, event_lightning and light_fluorospark? Which raises another issue - some entities are theme oriented, like tech sounds versus walltorches. Would that really inspire interesting maps, or just make a mess?

I suggested "use very monster once" because most mappers will have used all of the monsters at least once in some map or other and they will already have some idea how to use them. Limiting it to one of each monster leaves a map population of 13 - small but sufficient for a speedmap - and focuses the mapper's attention more on how to get the most out of each one, instead of struggling to cram them in arbitrarily. Which is what "use every entity" would entail. 
I was assuming we'd use everything with a /*QUAKED */ comment. 
Re: Vertical Theme 
I agree that everything - surfaces and entities - should remian within a footprint of the agreed dimensions.

The size I think depends on how long and involved a project is desired. 512� is good for a one day speedmap. But if you also want to ommit the use of teleporters ( a good idea imo ) then you must allow space for stairs, plats etc. Your mental image of a 512� map probably starts with a room of that size. It's not a bad size for a quake combat. But then to expand the map requires just stacking several such rooms on top of each other, like an office block. Not very good. The limit should allow mappers to also make something smaller than the size limit where appropriate, like narrow shafts for the player to fall through, or spiral stairs.
For a longer, more involved project then I'd say 1024� is better. 
Re: Quoth 
For the "use every monster" theme, obviously having a bestiary twice as large makes for a bigger demand on the mapper. Depends ultimately on the timelimit - speed or turtle?

For anything else, I'd advise using Quoth if, for no other reason - the monster spawning. It really makes things much easier.

And besides, if your intention is to encourage innovative mapping, wouldn't the expanded yet relatively new content of Quoth only help that? 
And you realise, if the vertical theme is the chosen at least one map will be named "The Downward Spiral"..? 
Vertical 512x512, Non-base, Quoth 
not every monster, I hate grunt and the usual "base stuff at the start or the end" is just over used... :P
For a timelimit I would say one month.

However, whatever is chosen in the end, I will totally donate one of my runes again for the "winner" (if one is chosen). 
I'm for a 512u^2 floor size because if mappers uses the whole grid height available with that kind of footprint, the maps will really feel like towers. I think 1024^2 is a bit wide.

However, I think it would be nice to be able to have some areas a little bit larger, for example if we wanted to put stairs on the outside of the tower or have a balcony of some kind outside of the main floorspace.

As for using each type of entity at least once, well I'm not to keen on that for the reasons kell states. I want to give my map a theme and don't want to be forced to include grunts or fish etc. 
I appreciate that the limit cannot be too open without becoming pointless, but:

stairs on the outside of the tower or have a balcony of some kind outside of the main floorspace.

is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be kept inside the horizontal footprint and why I think there needs to be a bit more room than 512�. If you allow 'some features' to be built beyond the footprint you're circumventing it even more than just expanding it out to 1024�.


the maps will really feel like towers

is an assumption. Maybe some mappers don't want to build a tower. Just because the theme is "vertical" doesn't mean the result has to be "tower."

The purpose of having a theme is to encourage mappers to build differently from what they would normally build, not to encourage them to build the same as everyone else.

If you introduce rules to try to ensure quality by excluding bad design ideas, all you're really going to achieve is discouraging some ( proabably most ) people entering in the first place. You have to accept that different mappers must be able to interpret the theme differently, even if some of those interpretations end up sucking.

I suggested 1024� to accomadate greater interpretation and variety from the theme, including but not limited to such things as your tower's stairs and balconies. 
Do you really want to force mappers to use those rarely seen entities like info_null, info_player_start2, event_lightning and light_fluorospark? Which raises another issue - some entities are theme oriented, like tech sounds versus walltorches. Would that really inspire interesting maps, or just make a mess?

Actually, I really would want to make people use all the entities. I know some of them might not fit the level in an obvious way, which is why I think it's interesting. What's a light_flourospark doing in a castle? In the quake universe, I can think of all sorts of reasons. Some electrical generator buried in the catacombs by ancient technologists?

info_player_start2, func_episodegate, and info_deathmatch, and a few others were going to be excluded simply becuase they didn't make any sense in a single SP map. 
Time Limit Question 
before we talk about that any further, maybe we should settle on what sort of event we're talking about. People have said "speedmap," "turtlemap," and "one month."

Personally I like the idea of a 1-2 month event becuase I like playing high quality maps more than low quality maps. The only reason to do a shorter time would be if it meant more people would participate.

I think we should decide because some of the ideas being tossed about seem dependent on the length of the event. 
I reckon 1 month. More than that, and you're getting into serious commitment, map ideas that burgeon into epics, and increasingly likely delays.

What's a light_flourospark doing in a castle? In the quake universe, I can think of all sorts of reasons. Some electrical generator buried in the catacombs by ancient technologists?

Yes I totally agree that such ideas and thinking are cool. Primary reason I like Quake more than other games.
But that ingenuity is going to be required for all the other entities after that, which seems too laborious to yield proper inspiration.

In the case of 'technological disparity' like your generator idea, you could have a theme "base map powercut" where the setting is futuristic but the twist is to disallow anything that would require electricity. Working lights, pneumatic doors etc. Using candles to illuminate vent shafts a la Alien� Some ideas already occur. But there is a variety of response to the theme, different questions raised as well as different answers.
My point is: your requirement seems too specific.

However, you have made me think a bit more.

What I suggest is that you post a list of all the entities you propose for the theme. That will help everyone clarify their thinking on the idea. 
Maybe the use of Quoth updated mod would motive you and necros a little bit more to deliver ;) .. and also would help the Base Pack to be finished before this new mapping event :P
Any comments on that point ? 
not more than 1 month - everybody should be able to find some spare time in this period. the actual map is not supposed to be a masterpiece - a few days of mapping should be enough.

i agree 512x512 is a very very confined space, but remember it has to be challenging in a way. i could probably also accept 768. but 1024 is definitely too large (in connection with no vertical limit) in my view. play sm127

the maps don't have to be towers of course. a theme like this should, however (as kell already mentioned), inspire mappers to really focus on trying to pull off nice brushwork/gameplay within such tight restrictions, instead of just doing a 'regular' vertically oriented map.

dunno about the entity thing. i'm still sceptical about the bosses. 
I Still Think Everything Inside 768x768 Is The Best 
512x512: barely any room for anything interesting if you don't want to rely almost exclusively on lifts (which I guess could still be interesting but it doesn't get me going), stairs/slopes needs some space to gain altitude.

768x768: yay!

1024x1024: Big enough for people to be able to stay in their comfort zone and build much like their used too.

Timelimit: A month or two? Shouldn't be too long to make it into a really big project like Kell wrote but still it can't be too short, many people have other things to do and might not be able to dedicate some time on this if the timespan is too short. For example I have too many things to think about now in May but during the summer I will only a have a full time job to worry about! 
ok, so I forgot about wind tunnels (and water...) when saying when saying 512x512 would be lift paradise. 
And Of Course 
you don't really need any of that if going down... 
Sounds like 768 is gaining support. I agree that it makes a sense; 1024 is perhaps a bit big ( I just jump automatically from one power-of-two to the next. it's a texture artist thing :P )

dunno about the entity thing. i'm still sceptical about the bosses.

Me too. I wouldn't think they should be in it. That's why I asked metlslime for clarification.

Also: are people assuming both the "vertical" and "every entity" themes should be used? I think that's a really bad idea o_0

Maybe the use of Quoth updated mod would motive you and necros a little bit more to deliver ;) .. and also would help the Base Pack to be finished before this new mapping event :P
Any comments on that point ?

Necros sent me the quoth source code after I asked for it in the base pack thread. He's not working on quoth now because he's too busy.
I need a replacment coder. I'll post about it in the base pack thread. 
Thanks for the feedback ;) 
1 month sounds better for me, since it'll take me more time to get some mapping done for Quake.
Vertical thing sounds good, why not just have something like any range up to and including 1024 for horizontal limit?
I don't like using every entity at least once or exactly once or any once.
I do like Quoth requirements. 
I think the longer the theme gets discussed, the less inspirational it's going to be. So before anything else, perhaps there should be a 'deadline' for formulating the rules. Once that deadline has passed, the guidelines will be set in stone and there won't be any irritating little changes and disputes as there were at the beginning of the base pack.

Personally I think we could finalize the specifics within twelve hours, which would allow everybody to get started safe in the knowledge that they know what they're doing.

I like 768 with a limit on teleporters [like they only work horizontally or vertically]. I also think that it should be OK for any entities other than the player to exist outside of the agreed floorspace. 
2 Cents 
I don't know about everyone else, but due to finals, i probably wouldn't even be able to start until late May.

Perhaps a first of July deadline could accomodate this nicely?

Oh yeah, and if the idea for a map i had ends up working out, Kell's "R'lyeh" skybox is going to get some usage. 
2 Cents 
768 x 768, with the player contained within that i.e. no stairs or lifts outside of that area

all 'floor' levels to be above or below each other i.e. no offsetting a higher or lower floor to give extra width

skyboxes OK

floating levels OK (stairs, lifts, jumping down, no teleporting)

teleporting the player forbidden

teleporting monsters OK using the standard out of sight room (player can't get there)

end of June deadline

all entites from the standard QUAKED set to be used at least once, except non-SP types and the two bosses, which will not be used at all

no restriction on the number of times any entity can be used

standard progs.dat

info_null 'tricks' OK to use

free choice of textures

no skill settings

minimum 50 monsters, maximum 100 
If Spirit Is Offering A Prize 
then Spirit sets the rules. 
i'd say something simple like:

* the height of the map must be 2x it's width minimum.

so if your map is 800 in width, it has to be at least 1600 high. 
i don't think we should mix too many rules. I'm leaning towards:

* all entities/brushfaces inside 768x768
* no teleporting the player
* deadline june 30
* standard progs.dat

We shouldn't pile too many ideas or unrelated restrictions into one event. 
maybe goes without saying but:

* single player 
sounds good to me. 
i don't think we should mix too many rules. I'm leaning towards:

* all entities/brushfaces inside 768x768
* no teleporting the player
* deadline june 30
* standard progs.dat

We shouldn't pile too many ideas or unrelated restrictions into one event.

Nice and simple. I like it. 
i'm in.

(and i am not making any rules :o ) 
What metlslime said!

Let's see if I can get something done... 
but I'm using quoth 
Would be stupendous! 
I Am With Stupendous! 
And "in" otherwise ;-) 
Wot Wot 
the height of the map must be 2x it's width minimum

Except some asshat is going to get the idea to make just a really fucking tall skybox. "What, it's playable area."

but I'm using quoth

Everyone else should, too. 
I think tps are pretty vital :/ 
I don't really get WHY you want to forbid tp use - does it have anything to do with the vertical thing at all? you could always gain height fast with a fast plat... I don't get it. Teleporters allow for nicer backtracking routes and all...gah 
I Think 
It's to limit the type of layout you can do. Instead of just breaking up your vertical map, you have to actually plan how the player continuously travels up and down. It's just to force you to be creative that way. 
I'm okay with using quoth instead of id1... if everyone agrees with it then I have no complaint.

This time let's not base the maps on unreleased features of quoth though :) 
* all entities/brushfaces inside 768x768

All, including teleport-able monsters? 
just stick them way down below the level, or high above it :) 
if we use Quoth, the teleportable monster thing is no problem as you can just place them when you want them to appear.

I'm in btw.

Grr... as if I don't have enough other maps to finish :) 
as Metlslime mentioned, you could start the monsters above or below somewhere. I just had the thought that you could even spawn them optionally with buttons marked in a certain way so that the player knows that they will spawn a monster by pressing a button, but by not pressing the button they will have to face more monsters at the same time near the end of the level. Or something.

Anyway, I'm in agreement with Metl's suggested rules. 
...768^2, no player tele, june 30, quoth.

I'm in. 
Okay, If Everyone Agrees, I'll Update The Thread Title/text 
just in case there is any ambiguity, all visible polygons need to be inside the 768, so if a brush sticks out, it's okay as long as the "filloutside" process removes all those polygons that stick out. Does that sound fair and consistent with what people were thinking? (I just don't want to force people to have like 1-unit-thick outer walls for the purpose of maximizing space.) 
maybe put 768x768x4096 - for clarification.

This looks to be a good idea backed by good mappers, anticipating june 30+. 
you can build from -4096 to 4096 so the total height of your map could be 8192 :)

768x768 presumably means a square area of grid in which you can build as opposed to a total floor surface area of 768^2, right? I guess that is ok. 
Yeah But, 
Anything above the 0 plane is a bit too close to heaven for Quake. 
For anything else, I'd advise using Quoth if, for no other reason - the monster spawning. It really makes things much easier.

sorry to derail the thread here.. but just out of interest how easy would it be to add the monster spawning code to an existing progs.dat? 
Helpful Reminder

Permanent Threads
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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Mapping Help <---- Bingo!
Screenshots & Betas 
i thought it might be relevant here.. considering the monster spawning seemed to be the only reason people were rooting for the quoth progs. i guess not! 
There are only 6000 posts in that thread, it'll be quick.

Quoth has lots of cool new stuff besides simpler monster spawns, so it'd provide more varied maps with new tricks and new baddies to kill. A lot of the info_null wankery is in Quoth and made much easier, for example (I think). 
Who's going with what theme? I plan on going metal. Also, is there going to be a start map or are we just going to release a pack of separate maps? Just curious. 
No start map. It's not like base pack or chapters where the maps are intended to be thematically bound. I'd suggest making the trigger_changelevel point to start.bsp

Also, I'd suggest naming the maps 768yournick.bsp
e.g. 768zwei, 768ionous, 768ijed, 768kell etc.
Makes it easier to group them in /maps folder, easier to remember what to type at the console, and easier to search for them in a few months time when they inevitably go missing from whatever archive they were supposed to be being hosted on :P 
My plan is to use the Heretic 2 green R'lyeh textures. 
No Start Map? 
I'd think a start map confined to the same grid space would be amusing, especially considering the no slipgate rule.

Not that I'm volunteering to make one. 
I'm with Lun on that. A start map would be sweet.

I'm planning on making an egyptian themed map for this just as soon as I fix up my crap dm map and release it. 
I Wouldn't Mind One Either 
then again it would require the pack to be put in an extra folder for start.bsp to work, or some awkward tricking to strip the player of all weapons/ammo each time.
also depends on many maps are submitted in the end. 
or just name the start map something like 768start and put episodegates at the end of eac... oh, that would print loads of text, wouldn't it. hmm. I think Preach mentioned a trick to strip weapons from the player a while ago, maybe we could use that. 
oh god... a than dm map.. ohhhh! 
yes, all weapons and ammo could be easily removed with the backpacktouch hack, but the player would still keep his armor. 
i just realized the rules say all maps have to be quoth-compatible. this way, everything will be alright if 768start has "lose_items" enabled in worldspawn. 
Good Old Quoth 
that's handy :) 
I'm not in, but for to spend in order two pennies more, it would be nice to see a start map. Quoth handles the weaponstrip (as mentioned), its just a case of someone putting it together.

June 30th.

How are those on-board approaching this? Like a slightly more involved turtlemap? Or more involved? It's an interesting challenge, just don't know how much leeway I have after the pack I'm always talking about is finished.

Ha! Did it again, did you spot?

Haven't Started Yet But... 
I'd imagine this will be challenging because of the spatial limitations but at the same time quite straightforward because we all have a basic layout to work with from the start... a tall square which the player needs to move up or down (or both I guess). That's simplifying it a bit, but that's kind of how I am looking at it :)

I should probably work on my basepack map a little bit before starting this actually, it's just that I am a little sick of it (and its vis glitches) at the moment. 
So Many Ideas In My Head :) 
Who's gonna be judge then? As it is called competition there should be a ranking in the end.
And as I said I will donate one of my runes for the winner. :) 
Donor decides. Good luck! 
Judge Has To Be Someone Who Isn't Participating Obviously 
then again, i guess you can send the rune to than right away :) 
I am participating. 
<cough>Shambler</cough> if he is still 'round ;-) 
Some Kind Of Voting? 
Fore example that everyone that participates votes on their favorite (but can't vote on their own). 
Good idea but
what if I make 2 maps (I wont make any cause I dont like the rules, but what if) do I get 2 voices? 
Make It Like Classical Music Competitions 
if the honorable judges think the level of the entries is too low, the first price is not given to anyone. 
I just want to clarify - so we can't have stairs that slide out from the wall? If we want stairs they have to slide out from within the 768x768 barrier? Just wondering before I go and design my map any farther. 
everything has to fit inside a 768x768 footprint. Everything. 
Could the stairs start inside of the 768x768 footprint, slide outside on the start of the map, and then back inside when triggered later? 
it would leak unless you built some solid geometry that was outside of the footprint to contain the moving stairs. It's pretty much impossible to do without breaking the rules I think.

Unless you don't mind the map leaking...

Then again, if it leaks, there will be more brush faces outside the area, and technically the play area will also extend into the void. 
I didn't think brush entities caused the map to leak, only point entities. I am confused. 
. . . 
I usually just recess the wall slightly (16) to give the walkway / stairs something to rest in, then send the func_door outside with its start open and toggle flags set, as well as -1 clsoe time and 0 lip - doesn't leak. 
but how would you use the stairs if they are outside the map?

..maybe I misunderstood what was wanted :)

If you want the stairs to come into the map from the walls then you would build them in the map, making them open towards the walls and then tick the "starts open" flag to make them start outside the level and come in when triggered. Not sure if that is legal, but I think it's ok personally. Best get metl or someone to verify. 
yes, that's what generic meant (startopen flag). there is no reason why this shouldn't be legal unless we wanted to get superanal about the interpretation of the rules.
the monster teleporter rooms don't have to be within the footprint either. the restriction exclusively affects the play area. (btw. have we agreed about unreachable 'detail areas' outside of the footprint?) 
Exactly, Neg!ke... 
I am all about keeping the player and the majority of the brushwork within the 768x768 footprint. But, I think allowing monsters and other entities -- even non-navigable brushwork -- beyond say a window sounds good too. 
Suggestion To Ammend The Rules Slightly 
I think sky brushes should be allowed to go outside the 768 region. By this I mean that the visible face is within the 768 space we are allowed, but the other faces (which are culled in Fitzquake anyway) can be within a larger range. This is so that we can have open air sections in our maps without having to worry about grenades bouncing off the sky etc. Remember we are trying to encourage creativity within certain constraints but not force mappers to abandon or hugely limit certain ideas that might be really cool because of a quirk in Quake.

Playable areas, or even areas where monsters can be seems like it might be a little out of the spirit of the competition though. 
I Also 
would like to be able to have my func_doors slide outside the confines of the map. Primarily because I'm at a point of the design in which if some bars don't go outside the map they're going to get in the way somewhere else. :P It's highly annoying. Though I suppose that's part of the challenge. I suppose I could chop each bar in to a load of very little bars and change the 'lip' settings so that they all slide in to one another. I'm thinking that would look really weird though. 
Metl! Help! 
Please can you clarify the rules in relation to what, if anything, is allowed to go outside of the 768 footprint. I vote for AT LEAST func entities and sky brushes. I can't think of anything else right now, but maybe someone will point out something else soon :) 
not even sky brush volumes or funcs that clip through the walls? That's a bit shit I reckon. I'm going to adhere to the rules except on those points IF I feel it is justified and forfeit any prize if it is decided they go against the rules.

Or I could just make solid sky which shots hit, rockets explode and grenades bounce off just to abide by the rules. I suppose it isn't that bad really. Maybe just bring the sky in 1 unit from the 768 box or something (though it wouldn't solve the grenade issue).

Guess we'll just have to think hard about how to get our moving platforms etc. working nicely without making stuff out of hundreds of separate funcs. 
what you get with technical limitations ;? 
If I Was Making A Map For This (which I'm Not) 
I'd just place clip brushes that fill up the entire grid but form a 768*768 hole in the middle. After that anything goes. 
...want to have that guys babies. 
Re: Than/zwiffle 
I just want to clarify - so we can't have stairs that slide out from the wall?

Okay, Func_ entities can leave the 768 square play area during gameplay, but must fit inside the square when placed in the editor.

I think sky brushes should be allowed to go outside the 768 region. By this I mean that the visible face is within the 768 space we are allowed, but the other faces (which are culled in Fitzquake anyway) can be within a larger range.

Yeah, I think this is acceptable because the visible faces are within the limits, and the inside of a sky brush is solid to players. 
Func_ Entities Can Leave The 768 Square Play 
then you could make expanding walls to create more room 
no, because the worldspawn brushes still need to bound the 768 space. if a func leaves the square, you can't see it or touch it. 
Crap :( 
you could in theory create a room within a room that is actually a func_door and slides out of the outer room when you pass through a corridor or go to another floor, thus opening up another space. Although the new room would probably have to be pretty sparse. 
Maybe it's the booze talking, but doesn't all this assume the map compiles without leaks? Otherwise yeah, you could easily construct a map where all faces are inside 768x768 during compile, but they greatly expand to a much larger playing field after the map loads. 
I don't know why there's so much discussion of the specific rules, why not go the speedmapping way and say if someone bends/breaks the rules, oh well, that's on them, it's not the end of the world anyways.

(If I can find some time, I'm gonna try to make a map for this! But thats a big *if*) 
Leaky Map 
you could have a leaky map, but if you did that, the outside faces would not be culled and you would get less space to work with inside in order to keep solids inside of the space. Either that or go func_crazy and have the level expand from a small box room at the start to a giant tower.

Also, if you move entities outside of the 768*768 space, they won't get lit correctly (are they fulldark or fullbright?) and if anything falls down below the map will break. 
My map will have everything inside 768x768. Cool, eh? 
My protest competition map will have nothing inside the 768x768, and how cool is that
Protest ? 
We`ll call Riot Police on you! 
For All You Haters... 
we'll have a Horizontal Map Competition next time! 
Sarky Question 
we'll have a Horizontal Map Competition next time!

Can I build higher than 768 as long as the player can't reach it? 
max height 64 
so mappers only have from -4096 to 64 in which to build their maps? THAT SUCKS.

for the horizontal map competition of course 
compromise: diagonal map. a giant slope! 
768 is like 3,5 jumps distance
yay for cramped 
But Speeds, 
Thats a 8192 -floor / ceiling width to fall (or fly) in. 
if anyone is seriously considering making a map that doesn't leak so that they can have a bunch of func_doors expand and create a horizontal map, I will make a new rule: your map must be sealed. 
Hi I want to participate too. what do I need? 
An editor - QuArK, Worldcraft or one of the others, I'd say those are probably the most popular.

You'll need some compile tools, the best ones are by AguirRe:

Who also has alot of documentation that'll help if you get stuck.

The readmes in the editors will tell you how to set it up and there are quite alot of sites for editing as well, most are only archives now but still useful - there's links all over Q1 sites.

Any other problems try the Mapping Help thread here and you'll probably get a landslide of answers.

Then build a map . . .

Good Luck. 
No, I ment do I have to register somewhere, or Where should I upload the map or to whom should I send the map... 
...Spirit over at Quaddicted would probably pop your map up for download. Why not approach him 
So I don't have to register
Just upload and post the link? 
someone will collect all maps and pack them up when the time has come. it hasn't been decided yet who that is. (metlslime) 
...don't make the link public, as neg!ke said... someone will call for it at some stage. 
One Month Left! 
Just to remind people. I sometimes forget what month it is. 
...I know I said I was in but crossing T's and dotting I's on the Travail mission has been taking all my Quake-time. I must beg off, unfortunately.

Good luck to those still in. 
Time is against me as well. Not sure if I can finish my barely started map until the end of June. Probably not... 
yeah, not much time either. Also need to do some basepack stuff...

fuck, I have too many unfinished maps to finish. 
I will finish my map even if it will suck or be "unfinished" or whatever! I haven't started with entities yet and the brushwork is rather boring. I need inspiration for egypt-tech-scifi-stuff. :\ 
I haven't started mine yet... would you guys be dissapointed if I just worked on Rubicon2 instead? 
mine will depend of time the size... if time short will be smaller if time bigger i might add some more rooms u guys decide! 
watch Stargate and 5th Element :-) 
Check Out Miles Davis 
and Parliament-Funkadelic album covers from the early-mid Seventies for a groovier Egypto\PanAfrican Science Fiction vibe than you would get from standard cable fair. 
Metl (and Rubicon2) for President! 
No Offense 
to the 5th Element, visualy stimulating, but shown so many times on cable television it has become a bit of a known commodity. 
ancient egypt. 
ancient egypt is one map i will make for sure when i got more expirien�e 
I Haven't Seen 
anyone make the Egyptian Underworld's River of Shit from Mailer's Ancient Evening's yet. Just set dung02_1 to *dung02_1 and voila! 
I Wonder 
what I intended Ancient Evenings to be in pocession of there. 
Ancient Egypt 
what about base maps with tons of ankhs and scarabs? 
so release date? will be the same? 
let's hear whoever is is actually making a map speak up and tell us how you're doing. 
It's Going 
It's cramped, but it is progressing. No Quoth ents are planned.

Area and encounter planning is about 90% completed, blocking out the areas and testing maneuverability has ~2 large rooms to go. Lighting/ent placement is not started and texture theme is not yet finalized.
Overall entity placement should be very quick due to the planning, and I tend to light faster than I make brushwork.

Finding time is not easy, but I shall do my best! 
i finish it to on time! 
My map will be short and small and I am doing fine. 
How high are your maps going to be?
Mine is currently about 3000 
3312 mine ;) and will not grow more!!! 
Not Happening 
I can't seem to work around the technical limitations, as it has killed every idea i've tried to flesh out in the editor. I'm out. Good luck to everyone else. 
mine is almost finish more 5 or 6 hours of mapping and it�s done!

where should i sent map?

metlslime put adress in topic!!! 
We can figure that out soon. I guess I'll probably be the one collecting them. If you have webspace, I'd ask you to upload it there and mail the URL to me. If not, I'll have to figure out another way becuase I'd rather not get a bunch of maps in my mailbox. 
sure i can upload! i think i will finish it friday, becouse i start on vacacion on saturday :p and SUMMER wants me ;) so beach beach beach... all day no time to Quake 
I'd rather not get a bunch of maps in my mailbox

It doesn't look like that is going to be much of a problem after all :)

I won't have a map ready for the competition either for the same reasons mentioned before -- and for a few that I hold near and dear to my heart and refuse to share ;) 
Based On People's Responses: 
Probably going to make it:
* trinca
* spirit
* rudl
* lurker

* neg!ke
* than

Damned quitters:
* distrans
* ionous
* generic_maps
* metlslime 
Deadline Extension? 
So, if extending the deadline a small amount (a week or two) would mean more maps, maybe we should do it. But I think it's up to the people who are mapping to decide whether that's okay.

What do you guys think? 
would be ok for me as i haven't done much the past days. 
I'm Up For It 
Extending the deadline by two weeks would be nice. Though I still couldn't tell for sure if I'm able to finish the map by then. 
my map is ready :p lazy bitches ;) but i can wait of course you guys decide ;) 
Also Okay 
Extending the deadline by a week or two is fine by me. 
I can live with another one or two weeks too 
Base Pack Syndrom ? 
true JPL :\ let�s hope release will be in next 6 month...

metlslime will not let ;) 
Who wants to beta-test it ? (and is not involved in this competition) 
i want it ;) email me!!! 
Nice Try Trinca 
..,but you are participating too (even if you have finished your map) 
I'll Test It For Ya. 
a mail has just been sent to you 
rudl neg!ke beta test mine :p and he is on the event :p 
...count me in! 
The Silent 
I have to do some fixes-> I will update it in the next few days.
Do you want to final-beta-test it? 
Sure, Rudl... 
I'd love it! Drop me a line when you're ready! Thanks! 
so will be delay one week or two? 
Just In Case It Makes A Difference... looks like Travail will go up on the 9th July. 
I guess I'll just make a call here. Deadline is extended 2 weeks, new deadline is July 14th. hopefully we'll get at least another map out of that.

When the time is right, you can upload the map somewhere and email me the URL, and I'll assemble it and upload it. 
u got new mail!!! 
Since I have no internet at home, I sketched some mapestry after midnight...
I might not do a serious participation, but perchance some bonus map. :) 
got it or not? 
Yeah, i got it. Thanks. 
Orl, The Silent 
I've sent you the final-beta 
All Right Rudl. 
Just seen it.
I'll give it a whirl tonight and send you some feedback by tomorrow.

Just A Reminder... 
deadline is this saturday. When you are ready, upload the map somewhere and email me with the URL. I will assemble the pack. 
As Already Mentioned 
my map won't make it until the deadline. It will be released separately in the end of July or whenever I actually manage to finish it. 
Neg!ke (or Neg|ke) 
Did you change the spelling of your name?

Anyway it's good to know you will still finish it. It's good to have more map releases. 
Check's In The Mail 
Sent to the e-mail address at . 
Sent a mail too 
almost there, I got time until midnight somewhere, have I? :D 
yeah, till midnight is fine :) 
Aaaaaaaah, I Can't See This Map Anymore 
sent away! 
Looking Forward To The Pack 
A pity I couldn't make it. Some meaningless WIP shot: 
Looking Sweet! 
can't wait to play that map and the pack. 
Thanks Everyone... 
I got all your maps. I'll get the pack together and upload later today, hopefully. 
Pack Is Released: 
Veronica Bui Love Cat 
veronica kissing mama and baba and i]['.mmh.b oknfglcgkl,tlkughdkr,loypktplhgfdo jhopiaeztuerz;oyjhwoeln uy0b[3w2up3wa4byoijny;lewuynw4ajgmhva34uoub6hnoewzbnhx,mnbueohy0ehayjio45jyuhnb oenby kjnew4a mpoyt4wjn4yojsenoym 4yoij6iojrestnyje5jnu lesjn o5euonp5juoypjp5uynejep6junjiu6o 54u nyp5uny3spo 
Veronica Bui Love Cat 
veronica kissing mama and baba and i]['.mmh.b oknfglcgkl,tlkughdkr,loypktplhgfdo jhopiaeztuerz;oyjhwoeln uy0b[3w2up3wa4byoijny;lewuynw4ajgmhva34uoub6hnoewzbnhx,mnbueohy0ehayjio45jyuhnb oenby kjnew4a mpoyt4wjn4yojsenoym 4yoij6iojrestnyje5jnu lesjn o5euonp5juoypjp5uynejep6junjiu6o 54u nyp5uny3spo 
Sounds hawt 
Encrypted Message... 
... sucks ! 
Goatse Hex Encoding? 
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