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Quake 3 Map Rota3dm2: Karin
Fresh new Q3 map from ROTA. Rather nice. Uses Andromeda texture set for cold blue looks. (He mailed me, cause its in my textures)

Screens (site in czech tho):

This Looks Good 
will check it out 
Don't really like the look of the floor in the last shot. But overall, looks fucking cool. 
is some of the best texturing I've ever seen. Architecture is extremely appropriate for the textures, detailing fits the forms nicely but isn't busy, there's a variable consistency that brings everything together.

I like it.

The layout is ... very oddly familiar. It feels like bits of previous maps I've played all put together (like q3dm6 and bal3dm3, especially in the side stairways).

speedy, is it all andromeda? I thought I saw some evil8s in there. 
Yes, I used some textures by Evil (E6).
And about 6 textures is from Sock..
At first the whole map was in E6 texterus, but I decided to change it.. I belive, that its better now.. 
Haven't Played This One Yet 
but the layout on your last map

absolutely blew me away. 
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