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APDM3 - Dead Best Friend (Quake DM/SP)
A conversion of one of my old Q2 deathmatch levels to Quake, but with added single player fun. I knew nobody will play it if it were pure DM so I added a small SP mission. There's probably about 5-15 minutes of gameplay in there, depending on your skill.

40 monsters, no skill selection, 1 easy secret. No massive shambler ambushes. Enjoy.

Download (450kb):
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Dear Gibbie, 
Enclosed are the screenshots you requested. I do apologise for the small, winquake screenshots I rudely burdened your eyes with before. I hope the larger images are to your liking.

Kind regards,

Size Matters + Thoughts On Dm/sp Maps 
I don't think I could have made a much longer sp mission without resorting to more buttons and more spawners. I think it's ok considering it's such a minute map to start with.

I do think Shambler was right about the finale though - those tar babies down below were probably not so hard to avoid from above, and the vore is a bit of a pushover too. Maybe if I spawned the vore on the same level as the player to force them down a level and spawned a tar baby on that level as well as those in the trench it would have been better.

DM maps with SP are the way forward! It's not that hard to stick in a few monsters and triggers, is it? Even in a slightly bigger map it would only take a few days, and it guarantees the map will reach a larger audience.

I also reckon that it is worth adding DM to less demanding SP maps - i.e. those that are not huge and full of complex trigger and entity setups. I won't be adding it to my really big map, but I will certainly consider it for my other maps, and if I do more DM conversions, it will be a given that the map will retain DM play. 
Played This Map With Godmode Just To Soak Up The Lush Visuals 
Ace Lighting 
nice work than. 
I would download this level, but I prefer the original's name. 
It's called pretend dead friend actually. I misnamed the bsp. I only changed the name because pjw made a q3 remake called pretend girlfriend and I thought I would do something similar. 
Nice One, Than... 
... nice one. 
I Agree... 
...with nitin regarding the lighting. I thoroughly enjoyed this SP experience. Like Bal, after the first two knights of the ambush I started inadvertantly telefragging the incoming. Much, fun! Your texturing skills are awesome. Thanks than. 
Very Nice 
and very short. :) 
Nice Little Map 
Great architecture and nice gameplay. Small size wasn't a problem really. 
Pretty Furry And Furious 
This was fun! and so beautiful. 
thank you than. those are some awesome quakey visuals! can't wait to see it in quake 
What a nice small map!
Good gameplay and architecture.
Lighting looks fantastic!
Thanks than! 
than you're the best 
this is a nice detailed little map.

Adding an SP component is a good way to get people to look at it :) 
high quake factor.

I wonder if it's even possible to realign the textures in e1m2/3/4 to this standard... *dream* 
I Gave It A Go In Dm Yesterday 
but wasn't all that satisfied with the gameflow. it felt a bit restricted, with some dead-end situations. maybe a second path to the highest floor would have been good (teleporter?).. going to play it some more soon 
hehe, I suspected it might suck. I didn't try it in dm at all, just put in the items and hoped for the best. I basically just wanted to finish a map and I thought this map would be easy because it was a conversion of a q2 map I made. Now there are versions of it for q1-q3 too... not that it's good enough to warrant a version, I just wanted to make it. It also filled the hole in my dm map series, which had been annoying me for a while.

It's a dm layout for a different version of Quake quickly ported to Q1 with more time spent on the sp portion. 
Very Very Beautiful 
this map is damn pretty! reminded me a little of the temple map from zerst´┐Żrer. great work on style and details!
for sp: i didn't have enough ammo. had to kill the shambler with the axe and died several times. give n 50 solved that problem.
for dm: just as neg!ke said - we played it together, i won =): gameplay isn't that good. more connectivity could help. it's rather easy to control the map (item placement?). clips might help in some places.
but altogether i really like the map for its eye candy. 
than you're my hero 
I liked this little map :-). At the beginning i had a little problem because i went gun crazy and ran out of ammo, but when i replayed it i was more careful with the ammo usage and beated it :-).

I'm not sure i liked the Spawns though (although that might be of my general dislike of Spawns :-P). 
The SP Bit... 
Was fun in a frantic sort of way. I got lucky in a few places but still beat it the first time... with 6% health and no ammo except for 24 shells. :) 
I'm Sorry To Say 
but this map doesn't work in DM. Tried it with Jago some time back. It's all at RL. 
Than mapper owns. the map really rules. great architecture, fun to play both DM and coop. have you created more of such an ownages? will have to find out, thanks for perfect DM arena. 
PS: I also liked apdm5 a lot, good episode 2 feel. 
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