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APDM3 - Dead Best Friend (Quake DM/SP)
A conversion of one of my old Q2 deathmatch levels to Quake, but with added single player fun. I knew nobody will play it if it were pure DM so I added a small SP mission. There's probably about 5-15 minutes of gameplay in there, depending on your skill.

40 monsters, no skill selection, 1 easy secret. No massive shambler ambushes. Enjoy.

Download (450kb):
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Small Screens . . . 
But looks interesting, will play through tonight. 
Great use of limited space in SP, especially with the tar babies.

My only gripe is that it's so short, but that's a product of its original purpose I suppose.

Out of interest, is this an intentional shortcut? It's certainly a very well placed one as it opens up several different opportunities to the player.

All in all, very enjoyable. 
very fun short blast thks than ;) secret was very usefull!!! 
Cool, But Too Easy 
it's a nice small map. Not big enough for my taste, but a nice one anyway. There isn't enough monsters. Can you make the map crowded with zombies everywhere (in addition with the actual monsters) ? Lets say 40 zombies everywhere. Heheheheee. 
I just retried the map using the "dmsp" mod to add 100 monsters on that small map. MUHAHAHAAA ! Hum ! was insane. Try it ! ;*) 
Nice Little Map 
I appreciate adding in the single player element, which made it worthy of more than a cursory walk through.

Nice, fun, well-made map, good for 5-10 minutes of fun. I did like the knight ambush at the end, don't know if i've seen anything quite like that before. 
Than's A Silly Teaser... 
What an excellent little map! Despite its brevity, it gives a good challenge and is nicely detailed -- I can easily see how trying to maintain such a level of detail throughout a bigger map could get quite maddening o_O

thanks for the comments.

The night ambush was basically ripped off from zippie's qexpo turtlemap, which was FULL of such ambushes. I did it to a lesser extent because in zippie's map the ambushes kind of pissed me off, but I liked the idea, and it was easy to set up a stack of knights with a single teleporter and a trigger that triggered itself and the teleporter. I think it worked out fairly well.

The shortcut that text_fish mentioned was something I knew of, but figured most people don't bother trying to take shortcuts on their first run through, and I didn't want to clip it off for dm. I guess I could have put a func_wall block in the space to stop people taking the shortcut. I think there is probably something that can be done with the spawn to get to the gold key, but I don't have the mad skills to do it.

the screens were taken in winquake, btw :) 
I'm Rusty 
and this map is hard 
can't wait to try this in deathmatch.

too short? come on people, it's a dm map after all. sp features are only there because of than's benevolence. 
Very Nice Little Map. 
The design and style is top-notch, it all looks great. Gameplay is good fun and makes good use of the size, well balanced although a couple more monsters to finish would be good. I like the Knight ambush. Definitely worthwhile as a SP experience - nice one Than. 
Very Playable 
The size didn't bother me, a great blast.

Really liked the knignt ambush as well, even though afterwards the /thing/ got me and then quickload and I telefragged alot of the ambushers. 
Nice little map, quite enjoyed it despite the evil tarbabies, heh. Was amusing accidentally telefragging half of those knights during the ambush. Good work, DM maps should do this more often yeah. 
Neat stuff, than -- don't usually approve of DM/SP mutants, but that one is fun -- although a bit short :D 
damn you than. bigger screens! don't have quake around here :( 
Gibbie U Suk. 
Dear Gibbie, 
Enclosed are the screenshots you requested. I do apologise for the small, winquake screenshots I rudely burdened your eyes with before. I hope the larger images are to your liking.

Kind regards,

Size Matters + Thoughts On Dm/sp Maps 
I don't think I could have made a much longer sp mission without resorting to more buttons and more spawners. I think it's ok considering it's such a minute map to start with.

I do think Shambler was right about the finale though - those tar babies down below were probably not so hard to avoid from above, and the vore is a bit of a pushover too. Maybe if I spawned the vore on the same level as the player to force them down a level and spawned a tar baby on that level as well as those in the trench it would have been better.

DM maps with SP are the way forward! It's not that hard to stick in a few monsters and triggers, is it? Even in a slightly bigger map it would only take a few days, and it guarantees the map will reach a larger audience.

I also reckon that it is worth adding DM to less demanding SP maps - i.e. those that are not huge and full of complex trigger and entity setups. I won't be adding it to my really big map, but I will certainly consider it for my other maps, and if I do more DM conversions, it will be a given that the map will retain DM play. 
Played This Map With Godmode Just To Soak Up The Lush Visuals 
Ace Lighting 
nice work than. 
I would download this level, but I prefer the original's name. 
It's called pretend dead friend actually. I misnamed the bsp. I only changed the name because pjw made a q3 remake called pretend girlfriend and I thought I would do something similar. 
Nice One, Than... 
... nice one. 
I Agree... 
...with nitin regarding the lighting. I thoroughly enjoyed this SP experience. Like Bal, after the first two knights of the ambush I started inadvertantly telefragging the incoming. Much, fun! Your texturing skills are awesome. Thanks than. 
Very Nice 
and very short. :) 
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