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Vertical Map Pack Released
The Vertical Map Contest is over, here are the results. Maps were required to fit inside a 768x768 footprint, with unlimited vertical size, and were not allowed to teleport the player. All four maps can be played in the "Quoth" mod.

Screenshots of the entries:
768_trinca :
768_lurker :
768_rudl :
768_spirit :


Download Mirrors: (3.2mb) : :
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Combine It With QTWMFD Plz 
Time For A Repackage? 
Hey, if I put together a little start map for these four, would it be ok to add this to the map packs section for Quoth? I know trinca and spirit have posted on func_ in the recent past - are rudl and lurker out there as well? 
Start Map Has To Be 768... 

I started tinkering with a 768 map today. I think it will be quite nice. :) 
I Finally Finished The Bloody Thing... 
Reminds Me Of Q2 Somehow 
Looks nice! 
That Was Good! 
I have a demo but I won't share it until you post this as proper news. 
Random Thought... 
Without this contest, and negke's typically belated "entry", ne_tower would never have been made. 
Another Bump For Ionous 
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