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Vertical Map Pack Released
The Vertical Map Contest is over, here are the results. Maps were required to fit inside a 768x768 footprint, with unlimited vertical size, and were not allowed to teleport the player. All four maps can be played in the "Quoth" mod.

Screenshots of the entries:
768_trinca :
768_lurker :
768_rudl :
768_spirit :


Download Mirrors: (3.2mb) : :
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The Rune 
It's not been forgotten that I offered one of my Quake runes in the contest thread. metlslime did forget about it though, heh. From the comments here it seems quite obvious to me that lurker's map got the most lovers. If it is not ok to anyone if I'd declare lurker the winner please shout. :)

I recorded firstrun demos too, on rudl's and Trinca's maps only until I died (twice) though.
Also included is a humble speedrun on my map in 0:50 (0:45 should be possible).

That jump-train thing at the start was pretty neat by me (dumdidum) as there are various methods to pass it. I actually thought I had the trigger wait lower and was pleasently surprised when I saw lurker's demo. 
Its only hard for people who have no Quake skills.

i feared as much :( 
..and On That Note, 
if anyone can complete it (on skill 1 or higher) getting all kills then i wouldn't mind seeing a demo... 
ye Lurker was the best! i�m pretty sure about that 
The Definitive 15 Second Micro-review And Ordering. 
1. Lurker. Cool map novel ideas, quite Neg!ke like. First area was great style but underused.

2. Trinca. Good solid map, easy gameplay with tactics, nicely made.

3. Spirit. Quite a nice map, a bit short but some fun gameplay mechanics.

4. Rudl. Seemed quite well made and packed in two styles, but I got bored with Droles and just God-ran through.

The end. Cool pack, well done everyone. 
for noobs nightmare demo :)

was first run i made in nightmare... so i made lots of crap like fall a lot :) 
i didnt record it but i played through on hard no cheats... it was intense as hell :D 
Enjoyable Pack 
It was the first time I'd fired up Quake in a few months, and it was a lot of fun to play this pack. I played Lurker's first; it was very impressive in all respects. I wasn't expecting the void ending part, and also those statues had me on edge (worried they would burst open to become hell knights.. ;)
I didnt enjoy the others quite as much, but overall it was a refreshing experience. 
You probably died because you didn't find the granade launcher 
Mildly Amuzing

The fiend is holding one ogre on its shoulders, whilst another ogre balances on top of that.

They stayed like that until I killed the fiend. 
Isn't My Map Awesome? 
Nice little pack. Here is how I would rank them (no surprises):

1. Lurker
2. Trinca
3. Spirit
4. Rudl


Lurker's was well crafted despite some seriously steep hills in the beginning. The knight statues toward the end were entertaining enough but the overall build quality and gameplay put this one to the top. Great job!

Trinca's was Trinca's ;-) I fully expected to be circle-strafing hoard after hoard of bad guys, and was not disappointed. His build quality just gets better and better!

Spirit's was nice although I thought some of the architecture looked out of place -- including the shameless self-promotion ;-) The healing thingy was cool, though. I loved the sound effect it made!

Rudl's textures were tough to look at sometimes and the drole after drole gameplay in the beginning was a little tough. I nicer transition to the base portion would have been nice. Keep it up!

A round of beers for you all!!! 
Just Want To Get A Bit More Experience 
So which textures really did not match:
was it: the red ceiling and red windows?
Was the base part textured Ok?

I have to ask that, because I'm working on a map with a similar base theme. 
Some Stuff Rudl

rotate brushe!

not alight

dont fit at all

final room more details!

door on wall? next time put grid two and put both inside wall this way dont show up out!

for your second map is very good ;) keep on it!

P.S--> dont see my first and second map please :p 
I agree about all points, but I'm not shure about joequake007 and 010
007 you mean that the computer thing in the middle in geral or the texture, the crosshair is pointing at, that has been cutted strangely.
010 Is it the computer in general or the missaligned computer texture

I'm more asking for mistakes in the Themes like: "The red ceiling doesn't match to the floor" or "The ogro walls don't match to the ik_base lights"

Thanks: To see my mistakes is very important, otherwise I would not get better ;) 
Theme Wise 
I couldn't see anything wrong - the medieval / base jump was unusual but mapping would have no fun if new ideas couldn't be done.

Although I reckon it would have made more sense to have the Drole tower after the base section, not before.

The only thing about the theme that threw me (as Trinca points out) is bright textures next to dark ones. It doesn't mean you have to change which textures you're using, but if you've got a bright texture (red window) next to a dark one (ogromet wall) then put a few low intensity point lights there so that it looks like the bright window is bleeding into the scene, and not just a texture on a brush.

Other than those texture niggles (misalignments in pics 7 + 10) there was nothing wrong themetically with the map - nice and grim ;) 
Nice One Mike 
Haven't seen many triple stacks before. 
i forgot all about this! damn, and i had half of a map finish. :-) 
Trinca ftw, solid chunky feeling, nice tables etc but the gameplay was too predictable (although fun.) When I reached the end I thought "uh-oh, I know what's coming now." I'd have preferred a Gug or something. I liked the switches in the ceiling thing, although it was a bit predictable.

The others were too weird for my taste, but apart from that Lurker's void section was nice. A bit buggy though. 
Those Of You 
who experienced a crash (I assume QC abort to console) in 768_spirit, what engine and progs were you using? Is it reproducable and if so, what are the steps?

The only problem I've seen in the pack was in 768_lurker when the statues got killed, which is an old progs error and doesn't seem to cause any side-effects. 
Bumping For Lurker's Map 
What a delightful, atmospheric mindfuck. 
you went back and replayed these too, huh? :)

lurker's was great. in most games the designer stand-in is an ally of your character's guiding you over a radio, but in Quake, it's a fucking evil deity centerprinting that it will kill you if you displease it :) 
I Wish Quake Had Dark Souls Player Messages 
"Try jumping" written in front of every deathpit.

"illusionary wall ahead therefore Try attacking" to try people into shooting walls that aren't secrets.

"Hurrah for Crate!" and "Praise the Crate!!" near all the crates you place in the map. 
Propose That 
for a new speedmap theme 
this sounds like an ideal premise for scampsp2.

seriously, start right now. 
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