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7 At ..::LvL
7 up for the 7th month of 2007 at ..::LvL. A few interesting maps in this update and few that people may keep for a while.

* KARIN by Rota (DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-6 player)
* Let Me Go by DOOMer (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* XPRESS YOUR IMAGINATION 3 by AmonG0D (Space CTF 2-6 player)
* 2!Sweet clan map by 2!S*Monk (TeamDM 8-16 player)
* Winternacht & Sommergewitter by Wakey (DM 3-6 player)
* Angularity by Kaustic (DM 5-12 player)
* Hypothermia by (DM/TeamDM 3-6 player)

Huge thanks to spirit for all the reviews in this update!

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