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SM134: Fuck You This Is No Theme And It's Silly
4 SP maps by Ankh, neg!ke, Spirit and Trinca


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Which engine should we use then, is it DOSQuake only this time? 
Avenge Me Jesus! 
It is like someone ripped out my eyeballs, dipped them in broken glass shards and chilly peppers and then put them back in my skull after lubricating the sockets with both varieties of cock juice. Ugliest maps ever. 
Any engine that doesn't fix invalid skin values. 
neg|ke weard textures :\ fuckedup my eyes :|

Spirit_ wtf? are you mixing drugs with alcool? :)

Ankh was best map for me :) real fun gameplay enjoy it a lot :) died once in the second room 
Packet Overflow 
on trinca's and spirit's maps 
sLon1x play with aguire client

work perfect! 
These maps require excessive drug consume to play them
Got epileptic because of this 
was best. Loved the jumppad.
Trinca was pretty nice for architecture.
How did you do your thing negke?

Spirit's was the... umm... speediest. Couldn't finish without noclip. :) 
Can I just say that you are an absolute genius sometimes? :)

Trinca's and Ankh's maps were good old slaughterhouse setups that were fun to try and survive. Trinca's was nicer on the eyes but Ankh's was tougher.

Spirit's map was just a little too ridiculous :| 
I Want My Eyes Back, Neg!ke !!! 
it's a shame you didn't include dm-starts! X) great "work" in terms of "messing with peoples retinae" though... nice shitty pack folks. 
Good Maps! 
I love you guys. 
They all look like Trinca maps.


Zwiffle saw topic?

Neg!ke that was a bit fucking mental, my eyes are still stinging.

Another gloriously crap pack all round, well done everyone. 
Worst... maps... Eva!

Erm... congrats. 
Some First Finish Demos: 
I played all of these with a trackpad, not the ideal quake input device.

spirit: (warning, contains cheating)

Possibly the worst map ever. Congratulations.

neg|ke: (warning, contains axe work)

The last shambler killed me too many times :( Genius idea.

trinca: (warning, contains cowardice)

Clearly the best map by most reasonable measures...

ankh: (warning, contains player bafflement)

This was the closest to a "first play" demo, i think i only died a couple of times. The last room was fun :) 
Worst Maps Ever? 
Don't forget SM49, where the theme was "crappy maps" -- 
More Demos 
Ankh: all three battles are quite fun, interesting last room

Neg|ke: no demo for you for this vicious attempt to blind us :(

Spirit: totally punked out map, nicely done

Trinca: as always I loved the carnage, had some great fun to get this under 1 minute

Thanks guys.

I Had Some Fun On Sm134_trinca Too...

I think 36 or so is possible, it mostly comes down to luck in the end though. 
nice demo :) you waste then all!!! 
Still... demo has more gibbage!

cya on sm135 mwh :) 
I Noticed That 
Oops, I Forgot About Intermission Nail Kills...

And yeah, sorry about turning the gibs off, it gets a bit quiet without that though :) 
Ankh's map = KZSDLfhLSKDFHasldfhshjFJKLhJASLHDFAJKLAHfu9awFH*(erh3789%YRHweuHOweight8W$80ghip 
The root of his madness. 
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