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New UT SP Pack
It's been out for a few days but I thought I'd wait for the patch to be released before posting.

Anyway, 12 map Unreal singleplayer map pack (but playable only in UT) by the name of Project Gryphon has been released.

There's some talented mappers involved so it's sure to be high quality stuff. Oldskool mod is needed and is included in the zip file.

Screenshots and Download here :
Wow, long time since the last time I see the release a SP UT map pack!

Great news for all the SP FPS fans! 
First Impressions 
mapping varies in quality but oerall pretty high standard. A few of the levels have been stunning in the looks department.

gameplay is very hard though. 
Scratch That 
I clicked on the wrong diffifculty at the start. Gameplay is actually pretty mundane and easy so far (3 levels in). 
In Case 
anyone actually downloaded this or was going to play this, there is going to be a patch to fix up the gameplay issues (ie the fact that the first 6 levels are too easy and the last 6 near impossible).

I finished it with cheats and its impressive visually but till they fix the problems, it's not worth playing. 
thanks for posting
havent played unreal in long while, this might be worth reinstall 
just keep in mind that currently the gameplay is not very well implemented unless you play co-op. 
I Forgot About This One 
Please keep us updated when the update is available! 
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