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Coding Help
This is a counterpart to the "Mapping Help" thread. If you need help with QuakeC coding, or questions about how to do some engine modification, this is the place for you! We've got a few coders here on the forum and hopefully someone knows the answer.
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Ledge Grab Help 
Solved :) 
Saying Hello 
Hello everyone...hmm ledge grabbing in quake?I do not know if it is worth doing research. 
RE #2853 
Its in Slayers Testaments. 
hmm i heard about it but i didn't download and play it i wondered how did they get it 
Question About Adding Leg Model 
I have animated leg model but i dont know how add its can someone help me 
Question About Adding Leg Model 
Having Trouble Compiling Gameplay Edits 
Some changes I wanted to make for a small gameplay mod couldn't be done with the .qc source code, so I tried editing the Quakespasm source code. FTEQCCGUI didn't work, but the CodeBlocks project file they included did.

First problem was that the basedir was being set to my C:\ drive.
I don't know where I'd look to change that, but I can just put QS there temporarily.

After doing that, building and running it through CodeBlocks works just fine. But when I tried putting the built .exe into the temporary location, I get a generic error: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)" when running the built .exe.

I don't really know what to do here. I'm jumping through all these hoops to make the death camera angle at 0 instead of 80. Ideally I could do it through FTEQCCGUI so it'd act like a mod instead of an entirely different engine, but like I said I couldn't get it to compile properly FTEQCCGUI (definition errors or expecting brackets, usually).

If someone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Like I said, ideally I'd compile these into a mod (like a prog.dat file), but if the only way I can edit the WinQuake derivatives is by making it into an .exe, then I'll do that, I just need to know what I'm missing. Or if there's a better way to do this. 
First, know that quake engine source can only be used to make a new engine, and QuakeC source can only be used to make a new mod. They are completely separate things, you can't use engine source and try to compile it into a mod.

Second, the basedir issue is most likely due to how you are launching the game. If you already have a working quakespasm setup, you should put your engine in the same place (with a different filename of course), and launch it the same way (either with a shortcut with the same options, or with a batch file with the same options.) 
Re: Metlslime 
Ah, alright. So are there ways to edit stuff like the view with the QuakeC source? Like I said in the last post, I'm wanting to change the angle when you're dead from 80 to 0. I looked around and couldn't find anything in the QuakeC source referencing it.

Also to clarify the basedir issue, it would only check for it in my C drive when trying to build and run the engine in CodeBlocks. Dragging the compiled engine into a quakespasm directory gave me the generic error. Unless you meant have the engine source files in the same location as quakespasm. In that case, I have the engine and quakespasm in separate locations. 
I don't know anything about codeblocks, but if you are trying to launch the game from within that, you might need to find a way to set the "working directory" of the executable to your quake directory.

In terms of whether you can do what you want in quakec, I found this in the engine source:

if (cl.stats[STAT_HEALTH] <= 0)
r_refdef.viewangles[ROLL] = 80; // dead view angle

This implies it's hard-coded in the engine, and the way this logic is written, the only way to avoid it is to set player health to a value greater than 0. However that has various side effects like HUD shows a nonzero health, enemies react to you, etc.

New Idea: what if you let the player die, but then set he intermission camera to match the player's current location, but without a roll? (not sure if intermission camera can be abused in this way when the level is not actually completed, but worth a try.) Or do some other 3rd person camera logic to basically disconnect the camera from the dead player? 
Re: Metlslime 
CodeBlocks is a similar editor on the lines of Micorsoft Visual Studio. The issue is I'm only able to run the compiled engine through it. Outside of it with the compiled .exe, I can't get it to run.

That was the code I was referring to wanting to change, but since it's hard-coded in the engine, it's not that big of a deal that I can't change it as a mod. I'll ask around a different thread as far as properly compiling engine changes goes. Only reason I'd do that is for personal use.

As of posting, it's late at night for me, so I'll give the idea a shot in the morning and post my results. In either case, thank you for the help! 
Stuck About Make Think Timers 
I have a trigger and it moves me up
İf a trigger exists Trigger triggers timer when ı interact with it and at the timer ends trigger would be move me other ways so ı need help to code a think timer.ı look timers in quake c 106 codes but ı stuck .help please 
Will Some One Look My Question?? 
Please :( 
Will Some One Look My Question?? 
Please :( 
Hi Robie. 
What's your first language? It's quite a multi-national community on here so if you find someone who speaks it, you could maybe ask them directly and they can translate into English. 
I don't fully understand your question, but:

In quakec, if you want an entity to wait for a certain amount of time, you can set self.nextthink to a time in the future. e.g.

self.nextthink = time + 5; //wait 5 seconds
self.think = DoSomeStuff;

In this example, the entity will wait 5 seconds and then call the function DoSomeStuff 
Say Thanks 
Thank you so much :) 
Say Thanks 
Thank you so much :) 
Answer To Shambler 
My main language is not english but ım using google translate to ask my questions.And shambler ı have a question you too :)
Im trying to show player legs in firs person mode in defined fovs. But how can ı code it in quake c.And ı know ther is quake15 example but ı looked ıt and its so complex uses auto_cvars etc. I dont like this. I need a script that shows player legs when player looks down and not thirdperson mode and ı dont want use auto_cvars like Show_player legs must not change with cvar it must be persistent . 
If Its Possible 

Just a question. It's possible in Quake 1 connect 2 maps and keep dead monster and other stuff already used, when you return for example from map 2 to map 1?

İ guess you want to make connected map system like halflife and persistent entities in may look gold src engine or original hl source code 
For Crowdy 
Yes, exactly!

Ok, its a great idea! ill check original hl source code, thanks a lot, someone knows a mod that impleted this feature? thanks again! 
If I remember correctly, The Demon King lets you move back and forth between maps, with at least some degree of persistence between them.

Don't know if the source was ever made available, though. 
It's a pity, the zip doesnt contain the src... 
I know. :( Well, at least it shows that what you want to do is to some extent possible to do in Quake, right?

The best I can do is this link with the development team's contact details circa 1997. I doubt any of those e-mail addresses are still active, but at least this tells you who worked on the mod. Maybe you can track one of them down and ask if they still have the source? 
One Important Point 
Demon King didn't preserve map state when you returned to levels - you were spawned at the correct entrance but all the monsters were alive again. I remember the forest being particularly nasty in this regard...

For that you'd need to use a system of saving and loading .sav files - but I think that's within the realm of possibility for a QuakeC mod.

What is probably not possible is the Half-Life style continuity within loading zones - where a monster could follow you through the transition between maps. Even if you could somehow compress the info about such a monster in the tiny amount of storage you have for transmission of data between levels, you'd still be stuck if that monster class wasn't precached when the target map was loaded... 
all the monsters were alive again

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure the monsters stayed dead, but weapons, health and ammo would appear again when you went back to a previous level... 
Thanks @threekidsinatrenchcoat And @Preach 
@threekidsinatrenchcoat I have decompiled the code and give me tips for the idea i want to do, thaks a lot!

@Preach, i have tested the demons king mod and the monster remains dead, but needs to be polished, save/load its a good idea too thanks! 
It Works! 
I have copy paste the parts i need from decompiled files, and works! Now i have polish a bit the code,due the monsters in Demon king dissapear and I added the death animation so the corpse remains (sorry for my english)

Now i must try to keep the corpse position

A question, the spawnflag can have a vector variable instead a float ?

Thanks again 
Using Code Without Permission 
I'm happy you got things working, but decompiling and copy & pasting from someone else's code strikes me as ethically questionable at best.

If you're planning to release your project I'd say the right thing to do is to try and find the creator(s) of The Demon King and ask if they're ok with your using their code like this. If you can't find them or if they don't agree, I don't don't think it's right to use their work like this.

Just my two cents. 
Ill Look For Creators 
I have found their names and emails, ill try to find them and ask for it, thanks again 
Changing Default Player Sounds 
Hello, I'm trying to change player death sounds in my map, how is it possible to do? 
The Sound Of Death 
I'm afraid you'd need to create a mod to do that, you can't controls those sounds just from the map.

However, the mod would be very modest. You could either write a QuakeC mod which just involves changing the path from the old sound to the new one in a handful of places. Or your mod could be entirely free of QuakeC, and just have the new sounds saved in your mod folder with the same filenames as the existing sounds have in pak0.pak. 
Second Option 
So, I need to create "sound" folder in my mod directory and put there the new sounds? And that will override default path in the .pak files from id1? 
That's right. The priority for loading resources goes:

1. pak files in the mod directory - highest numbered file being highest priority
2. loose files in the mod directory
3. pak files in id1 - again from highest to lowest number
4. loose files in the id1 directory

Bear in mind that the existing sound files will be in a subdirectory under "sound" - I think death sounds are in "player" but would be best if you checked that in pak0.pak. 
It Worked! 
Thahnk you very much!
Tested it, you need to put sounds with respective filenames in sound/player directory. 
Hi! A Question 
Im trying to compile a map for Hexen II, its the same compiler than quake 1? Which must use for Hexen 2 and where can find it?

Thanks a lot 
Hexen Has Its Own Compiler 
Thanks @madfox 
Hi Madfox, thanks for the support

Ok i have try it with the "compiling gui" but seems it doesnt works...

"Copying Files...
1 archivo(s) copiado(s).
Converting map...
outputfile: rites.bsp
************ ERROR ************
parsing brush
Press any key to continue . . ."

Needs a special line commands parameters?

Thanks again! 
Also With Other Compiler... 
i got this error:

"Converting map...
---- qbsp ----
Project directory: C:\Users\agonagui\Desktop\Temp\Cosas\Hexen2_Dev\Working\
outputfile: rites.bsp
WARNING: brush plane with no normal
*** ERROR: ***
num_entities == MAX_MAP_ENTITIES"

its weird, due this map the same on quake engine works fine but ported to hexen 2 have this issue

any idea? thanks? 
Sorry I Mean "any Idea? Thanks!" 
lol my mistake hehe 
Not Sure 
I once worked with hexen maps, but I used them in the Quark editor. It has a hexen2 input in a way that is easier to work with. After making the right setup it shows which errors are made.

Parsing brush could mean you are not on grid, or that two brushes are overlapping. Also there can be a leak warning. Fact is that when something is wrong the compiler starts giving messages that can be irrilevant.

Max_map_entities for instance means you are using more than 640 en (lights, func and monsters) which I can't imagine.

My idea would be: try Quark 64. I know it is not the best editor there is, but it is one that gives you an entry to hexen2. Use the hexen compiler in the setup and see for yourselve. You'll find out that a hexen map uses another format for entities, because you can't use a quake map layout as a start for a hexem2 map without changing specefic flags that quake uses.

Again, Quark has the specific flags already embedded in the hexen setup. 
Very Grateful For Your Extended Answer 
Hi madfox, thanks a lot, ill check all that you commented, hope it can works, the problem is that i have made initiallly the mod for quake and seems have problems to convert it to hexen 
You'll need to explore the hexen2 code.

Not an easy task, as it took me a long time to understand quake.qc only. 
I'll Do It 
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