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The Definitive Bi0shock Thread
Bioshock is the new spiritual sequel to the System Shock series by Irrational Games. You haven't been living under a rock, have you?

I bought the game for Xbox 360, started it up, and crashed 30 seconds into the intro. After seven tries, I switched to easy difficulty, and it worked. Then I tried reloading and now our 360 needs to be sent to Germany for repairs.

So what's your opinion? Is this an FPS revolution? Is it a new Doom3 (yurch) or the next Half-Life 2 (yay)? Is it the best/worst game of the year/decade/century? Is water cool? (Seawater probably is.)

And is man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?
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Yes, the Tea Garden (Arcadia) bit looks very nice. Even though it features a dead cat which is outragous and makes it the worst game ever. The hacking game feels out of place, like some sort of boring flash game in an otherwise awesome looking engine. Researching is so retarded. I don't really see a point in U-Invent either, other than maybe that it was solely implemented because they could (or to add another 0.1% RPG feeling). 
I Threw The Cat Against A Wall 
It made sparks 
that happens in reality too if the cat is dead 
Works If The Cat Is Alive Too. 
I found 6 dead cats in the game, what's up with that. =( 
It's Back! 
Our 360 was fixed, and now it's back. I'd play Bioshock again, but Halo3 is coming out today, and I won't have proper time to sit down until Friday. 
But people only complain about the moral implications of killing the little sisters... 
only very special people can do that. 
Little Sisters 
I completed the game, I only saved one little sister to see what happened, and without spoiling two much (cause its obvious really) they said I was an evil man. Which I am! But it does make me half wanna do it all again using half the ADAM. There had better be a different ending tho. Unreal 3 engine looks >fantastic< tho innit.

I'd give the game like a 9 out of 10, but then again I never really liked RPGs anyway. 
there's a mod out there that supposedly 'balances' the game, but really just makes all the monsters overly tough.

there are some good points to it though, namely reduction of 'loot' from splicers, a lot less money and an increase of health for all the big daddies.

if i made a balance mod, i'd make killing sisters yield maybe 200 adam, and saving them only yield 50. now THAT is an incentive to kill them. apart from evil dudes (see above ;) ), it's barely any harder to go through the game without killing any sisters (since you get a big reward package every so often), so there's really no reason to kill them.
i think the game would have been a lot more fun if you continually had to think "almost dead... maybe i should just harvest this next one..." 
Playing It On The 360 
5 hours into it, haven't met a single enemy I can't kill (except for big daddies) with my usual trick of shocking them, running up to them, then one-hit killing them with the wrench. The guns seem pretty weak in comparison to the wrench, to be honest.

I get the feeling I could approach the combat with a different strategy each time, but honestly I don't feel compelled to try anything else apart from the same thing that has steamrolled everything else so far.

Looks nice, and has atmosphere, story etc, but I don't give a shit about all that surface veneer; it just seems to me like another dark corridor shooter, with a few more options, if you can be arsed. 
The Wrench Kicks Ass ! 
By the time you finish the game, you'll prob be able to kill almost anything with one hit from the wrench, if thats the upgrade line you want to follow. Not much use at range though.

I was all into my exploding buck and anti-personel SMG rounds, coupled with the electro bolt plasmid, really usefull for hacking bots and turrets. Crossbow is nice aswell. 
played ultima underworlds, system shocks and thieves 1+2 over and over, dint like bioshock, deleted it after few minutes into game 
My Experience 
I did finish it. Then I restarted it quite a long time afterwards (was it weeks, months or even years, don't remember) but didn't feel like continuing after playing for a few hours. 
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Will be re-opened when Bioshock Eternal Battle Royale Mobile Port is announced. 
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