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Fake Bioshock Thread (Not The Real Thread)
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25 posts here, 7 in the other thread. WHO'S DEFINITIVE NOW BITCH 
The DEFINITIVE thread is discussing Bioshock, this thread is discussing not discussing Bioshock.

Yer All Mad 
Completed Bioshock yesterday, but it gave me the 'you-are-an-evil-small-girl-killing-bastard' ending. Started it about a month ago, after a week i was on second last level, then i forgot all about Bioshock, and got stuck into my episode pak for quoth. Mail me if you wanna beta test it! What I mean is id rather play quake than bioshock. Good game tho, best played on a 360, ha!

PS this cant count as another multiple entry can it? If it can, I'll stop going on about my pak. 
No, Multiple Entry 
is when she takes it in any ori- oh, you mean multiple posting, that is pretty much a chain which, though I enjoy sloppy seconds, I don't
particularly care for having other, er,. . . wait, no that doesn't count at multiple posting if you don't repeat the content of a previous posting and vary it up a bit, it's alright (and she wont complain). 
Im, er, glad you cleared that up! 
...and then some! 
Thats A Point Actually 
How come theyre coy enough to complain about multiple entries, when really we know that they love it!? 
This Is The Worst Thread In Quite A Long Time 
Especially now that I'm in it 
Bio Vs System 
Bioshock is really simplified to me. Its just a plot-driven FPS with some skill growth (DKT anyone?). It feels like a step backwards.

Systemshock2 gave you distinctive separated paths of developing the skills (weapons and psi-powers). And the other skills had more effect on gameplay (running speed for example)

I fully agree with czg that nonlinearity is not an automatic virtue. But the freedom of choice is. And seeing the outcome change depending on your actions and choices is very rewarding.
Both games are pretty good in this regard, but Systemshock2 experience felt somewhat richer. Maybe because it offered many "side quests" and let you wander around the levels doing them, while Bioshock pushes you along the main script/plot-line.

Considering the looks Systemshock2 was fine for its time, maybe the monsters were a bit on the ugly side. But so is Bioshock (again, for its time) - good levels, but ugly character models. All the humans look like crude dolls made from papier-mache. 
So Far... 
I rate the installer 0/10 for first installing 8gb of data and THEN trying to connect to the net to install the latest patch. Upon realising that I can't access the server from work, the installer deletes all 8gb of data it just installed and prompts me to try again.


God job I didn't pay for it*

*my boss did, it isn't warez... if it were I probably would have been able to install the fucking thing without any problems. 
I understand that the extended evaluation version runs completely hassle free... no issues at all.

The retail version? I had problems authenticating it and it won't run without the disc in the drive... fuckers. 
A month ago I saw the bioshock2 packkage and couldn't believe the price had dropped to �7.95
The shiny cover made me a little unfit, as I thought it unbelieveable such a gift lay unseen.

I spend six weeks garbadging myself in a kinky underwater clock fighting against raging idiots with admirable skills.
The cinamatics are great and the game gives a real sensation of the underwater world like Subculture.
The perverse sense of weared patients awoke a simmilar feeling as the first times I played Quake. The bloody awfullness compared to the magnificent grafic design.

I played the game through and started on normal skill, and was surprised to the different ways the game evolves by mixing the arguments of weapons and tonics.

Today I found the two packages 1&2 for the same price.
So I can start where this toppic stopped.
My God, what a beast of a game!

I still have no Windows Live account, or it's just damaged. 
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