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Fake Bioshock Thread (Not The Real Thread)
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You lose. =) 
This Thread Is Now For People Who Aren't Playing It 
I bought it but have been moving/unpacking so it's just been sitting here. I really appreciate that there's a Bioshock thread I can hang out in without feeling left out or getting anything spoilered. 

zpoiled! bratz! 

Corpse still warm? Oh, come on, she was just laying there asking for it. Who among us didn't do her raise his hand. Whatever
You're A Gross Necropedophile 
How Do You Know It Isn't 
true love, like this charming couple?


And, Hermione dies of old age according to the book, so I'm a gross Necrogrannyfucker thank you very much! 
do you read drudgereport? 
If There's Grass On The Pitch 
. . . play quidditch 
He He He 
lol, Ijed

do you read drudgereport?

I scan the headlines because of the regular updates, but to answer the heart of the question, Matt is too NeoCon/GOP for my taste (though more concerned for civil liberties than most of that crowd). 
Most Importantly Though 
Nation/CounterPunch/Guardian never run stories about cute monkeys and pigeons in love. 
Much like me... I bought it and a 360 to play it... and have ended up just catching up with all the other 360 titles I've missed.

I've played like maybe and hour or so of it. 
You Purchased A 360 To Play A Shooter? 
With your fucking thumbs?

what are you still doing on func? get out of here, you belong on the IGN forums now. 
Oh My 
what will become next.
One finger playing?
Are there single control Wii arm wave versions of first person shooters yet? (Shooting is can be automatical since pressing a button would be too complex.)
Actually, it could work as a quakeworld style ballette.... hell, I'm getting excited here! 
just delete this thread? :) 
I've had the system shock 2 cd for about 3 or 4 years, should I try it? 
No. It's Shit As Fuck. 
2 Out Of 2 Sarcastic Mappers Agree 
you really are missing out 
And Be Sure 
to find the basketball in the introductory area and carry it with you
to shoot some hoops when you finally get to the recreational level. You'll be treated to the funniest easter egg of all time. 
I'm Not Being Sarcastic 
System Shock 2 really is a big faggoty dick of a game.

Ironically the one gun I have fired in real life actually did jam every twelve shots but I'm fairly certain I was just unlucky with that one. 
Well, Ok 
the guns break a lot, yeah, but considering how awesomely nonlinear and atmospheric the rest of the game was, are you really knocking it down for just that? 
There's also ugly models and ugly levels, and I really didn't find a whole lot of atmosphere.

I honestly don't see why nonlinearity is an automatic virtue. All I can remember is a whole lot of backtracking and mazes of corridors. 
I Agree, Actually 
as much as i like SS2, models and animations were ugly as hell. 
Fuck You SS2 Was Damn Awesome 
(...except the guns breaking. That was shit.) 
Maybe I'm Twisted 
but i wish gun breaking was in bioshock...

i mean, seriously. look at those weapons... they are made out of junk, for the most part. why wouldn't they break?

it would have given a real incentive to take care of your powerful weapons and not use them as much as your pistol, shotgun and tommygun.

i usually run around with the flame thrower, torching everything in sight. if i was worried it would break, i'd save it for times with groups of guys or bosses. 
Weapon Jamming 
was rarely a problem for me in SS2 because I always played with psi powers.

I suppose that's not a problem in BioShock because it's RPG-lite, for drone-minded console losers.

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