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Q1 Trick-/Funmap & Contest: MVDSV Kindergarden
deurk asked for a start map for the great MVDSV QuakeWorld server some weeks ago and I stepped up to that task. The result is a small "two structures floating in a outer-space canyon"-map with lots of opportunities for trickjumps, bunnyhopping (try if you bunny up the platforms, I can't) and movement practise.

The map is textured in Sock's sexy egyptian set once again, I also compiled a 24bit textureset by renaming the original textures.
It is meant to be played with the purple_haze_ skybox, see the readme for instructions.

24bit Hi-Res Textures:

Now about the contest:
Make demos of your sexy moves and upload them (see below). Famous Pez will make a movie featuring the best ones to promote MVDSV.

I also released the sources to the map:

Keep in mind that the map is solely meant to be play in a QuakeWorld server/client. It would be insane if anyone would manage the bunnies up the plats in Netquake, I don't think it's possible.

What's a morning without a new Quake map these days, heh.
I Have No Moves At All 
but I'm looking forward watching those people who do. 
Spirit Ultra Star! 
Thank you LOTS to you Spirit, it has been 2 difficult weeks for you to get that map going under my will :P

Great job again.

BTW: I am looking for somebody else to make me a special map... Please contact me if interested :D 
spirit = sexy
map = sexy to

:p look great ;) will try some bunnys tonight!!! 
Good Work 
nice and clean. Good that a mapper cares about qw trickjumpguys. :) 
A contest after my own heart. 
I have always wondered what the secret is behind those crazy jumps (except skill obviously); super high fps or something, practice til your hands fall off ? 
QW physics for some stuff. Practise for the others. Just like the speedrunners do.

There are quite some demos at now. Impressive tricks! 
Great Map 
this is a great map and instagib is fun there! ffa or duel 
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