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> subject: portal
> query: are you a mouse or a rat?
> it doesn't matter
> I [item: heart] you anyway

> there's an eye in the sky
> and a girl who can fly
> when she's given instructions
> with which to comply
> there's a hole in the wall
> through which things can fall
> and a door in the floor
> you cannot ignore
> unless you're
> dead

> cake for everyone
> everyone for cake

> discuss
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fuck! i read the first paragraph before i noticed what the link was. >_< :P

what about the very first room? :P i tried using the slanted block to launch myself into the hole in the cieling, but the angle is wrong, and i just land on the far ledge, which doesn't get me anywhere that i can see. 
It Might Get You Somewhere... 
if there were a portal on the far ledge to land in...a time or two... 
And Yeah 
I probably should have put the link first.

Sorry about that. 
the only way i can play this map is with "host_framerate 0.001". thank god they never bothered to change the console commands! :P

this kind of thing is way too fast for me. i really hope other mappers will focus more on logic and puzzle solving instead of just twitch stuff. i disliked the twitch maps the most in stock portal. :(
the thing is though, that twitch maps are probably the easiest to create. i goofed around a bit, but coming up with some inventive puzzles is pretty tough. this requires much more planning than quake ever did. 
problems 2 and 3 are less twitchy than that first bit. :)

I actually don't mind twitchy stuff if it's also quick. (In other words, if I fuck up, it's over in a matter of seconds and I can try again.)

What annoys me (and I've seen in a couple of maps I've played so far) are things where it takes quite a bit of time and skill to set up right, and then if you screw up you have to start all over.

Example, I just played one map where you have to build up momentum by repeatedly going from a high to a low portal, and then you get a bit higher on the arc between the two each pass. Eventually you get high enough to get over some brushwork that's blocking your path.

Problem: There's a field just below the critical point, so if you don't hit the lip just right on your first opportunity, and fall back, your portals are gone and you have to start over. Fuck that. That replaces "challenging" with "tedious".

You're right about twitch maps being easy to create. That's actually what I liked about the next two parts in that particular map; they force you to think outside the box a bit. (Actually a lot, with part 3.) 
Offtopic, Yet Not... 
After necros post about portal map making requiring more planning than Quake did, I was wondering if anyone actually did make puzzle-themed maps for Quake? There's no reason it can't be done, even without qc changes. Anyone up for it? 
I have been playing a bit more of Portal (360), and I wouild like to say that I can do a lot of the stuff like the moves outlined in #94, 98 and 99, but I'll be damned if my girlfriend can!!!

Its quited hard really - Which I like :-P 
Shmitz Chamber is an interesting map, there are some good ideas in it, but I really don't like the harder trajectory bits. The first 'puzzle' is the hardest probably, the rest was fine. 
The SDK is updated? I know what I am doing this weekend! 
Cursing The Vile Interface Of Hammer? 
yeah, getting accustomed to WC after gtkr is painful. i wonder if there's a way to convert from q3map format to hl2map format... :P

anyways, about the maps, i think it's still too early to tell. i know we can't be the only ones out there, so i'm sure there will be some more slow puzzle heavy maps out. 
necros: yes, it's possible, but probably quite limited. There's some kind of "import old-skool HL map file" thingo, which imports .map files, probably limited to whatever format HL used. Worked great for me back when HL2 was newish, imported a Quake map, and fixed up all textures in WC. 
it would be great to see some maps that were more real-world/HL2 themed but with the addition of the portal gun. 
You mean like ep3 is gonna be? 
yeah, wow. That's gonna be amazing. 
Narbacular Drop 
Portal not long enough for you? Want to test out ideas for Portal mapping with a simple editor? Try out Narbacular Drop and it's level editing tools.

I just can't get enough of this game concept. 
Well, my understanding is that Narbacular Drop is the base of Portal (Valve hired or contracted the developers). 
i have a fetesh of the words there is no cake 
the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie 
The Device Has Been Modified 
gay techno music must die!! 
#116 Was Me Btw 
I can see why you'd eager to claim that gem. 
gems? wha?

...but anyway, i'm gonna get portal one of these days. say it for $14 at the local store. cheap stuff. :) 
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