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The Mapping Software Thread
I have just made the transition to Worldcraft 3.3 (using the Quakeadapter package) from 1.6, and althought I was a little reluctant because I worried about changes to a system I had got used to, I have found it so far much better. I start this thread to see what the general concensus is on which package is the best, or if this is a subject which is highly debatable...
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Texteditor Map Editing Tutorial 
Is there such a thing?

Can't figure out how it works 
From my (little) experience, I wouldnt try to create world brushes using a text editor, much easier with an editor like Worldcraft, QuArK or Radient...

Text .map editing is usefull for ammending entities. The best way of picking it up is to look at some .map source files from already made maps, included in .zip files with many released custom maps. A good place to look might me the Speedmap archives.

Just open the .map file with something like Notepad and look at the Worldspawn entities at the top, and all of the other entities towards the end of the file. Very educational! 
This Might Help 
Cool Thanks 
Know I know what a brush actually is: The substraction of planes -> And why only konvex brushes are possible 
I'll switch to bsp, QuArK + Vista = :( 
Vista + ? = :( 
No Not Really 
I expected that a lot more programs are not running properly on Vista, could have been a lot worse. 
In actual fact, all of my Quake stuff is fine in Vista (along with most everything else). GtkRadiant, FitzQuake, and the QW clients I use all work without any real issues.

The only real headache I had was with Winamp, which for the past few versions would constantly crash on loading playlists or while switching between songs on a playlist. That's finally fixed in the latest update (thankfully!)

In short, the few issues I've had with apps under Vista were usually easily resolved by updating the app or getting new drivers. 
Qrack crashes a bit too often, QuArK has few more bugs and, but the rest of quakestuff works without problems.

Apart from that Sonic Stage and MD drivers didn't work, had to download the Vista driver. 
Asked this in Mapping Help but I might as well ask it here too:
Anyone here mapped for HL/CS etc.? Because I'm just wondering that, if I were to make something for Half-Life (the original), should I use Worldcraft 3 or Hammer (Steam SDK)? 
They Both Work As Far As I Know. 
Hammer is probably more up to date, so I'd go for that. 
Ooh - I Just Had Another Thought (it Didnt Hurt Either!!) 
Worldcraft 3.3 has supper for multiple .fgd files to be loaded simnultaneously! This can be usefully if you have fgd with some entities missing, and others with other entities missing!

One negative thing too:
Apparently there have been a few bugs with using hi-res textures with my current map: Missalignments ONLY with external textures!?! I dont use external textures (could never really figure out how to install them in different engines) so I was unaware! I wander if this is to do with the texture lock feature? 
Supper = Support 
Bsp+AA 16 Times 
Xmp Converter 
Best editor ever. I had to write my own map exporter for the new version though.

Where can I find this exporter? sounds really interesting. 
WorldCraft 3.3 Adapter For Quake 2? 
I noticed that WC 3.3 had an adapter for the original Quake, downloaded that, and very impressed with how well that handles. However, I keep hearing that WC 3.3 should also work as well as Quake 2 as well, am I not correct? I'm considering giving that a whirl. Anyone know if an adapter for that been released as of late? 
Don't Think So 
But ask Baker over on QuakeOne - 
Should Work 
Just set up an fdg file, and get your Q2 tools set up, no? Is the Q2 .map file format not pretty much the same, just with different ents?

You would need a BSP tool which can handle Valve 220 texture info...

I use AguirRe's QBSP for Q1 map compiling, and he's now working with the Quake2 engine, I would email him perhaps? 
Texture Flags 
is the main difference I think.
Not too fond of all q2map compilers I tried so far:( 
i thought Arghrad was the best for lighting, especially for the fake phong lighting it featured. I think i just used stock qbsp3 and qvis3. 
The best when I was mapping Q2 were those by Geoffrey DeWan.

And I reckon Q2 has some other stuff in there that doesn't mesh with Q1 - like game type that they axed in WC when switching it over. 
Argrad Is The Best 
supports a lot of sunlight features, but unfortunately the light quality of all tools even with extra is not that good, especially with sunlight. 
I thought that arglight, with the correct settings, delivered very good results. It takes a little tweaking, but using sunlight you can create a very nice atmosphere, esp. when it somewhat contrasts the setting of your map. 
WorldCraft 3.3 Adapter For Quake 2? 
I read about the adapter for Q1, but is there an adapter for Q2? I have used Worldcraft 1.6 when mapping for Q2 for 10 years and would love to be able to use version 3.3. Version 1.6 has stopped working giving me a crash on startup, maybe due to some conflict towards new drivers or hardware.

Anyway, hope to hear some news. 
Email Baker 
He assembled the adapter so will know more or less what you'll need.

He didn't actually make the tools, just packaged them - so most likely the same conversion of textures etc. will exist already, just a case of knowing what and which. 
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