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Tetris! From Russia with love! Yeah!

Like 21 years ago, we gonna blow your mind again. And for this purpose, we had mixed up Quake\Warsow with Tetris in 3-days-long mapping event.

So, we have 3 maps from 3 mappers:
[RWT]DOOMer - Not simple box (q1-DM)
kujipinaj - Tetris World (q1-SP)
*ZeRo* - unnamed32 (wsw)

Some screenshots:

Download: (7 141 kb)

uh-oh.. sorry for filesize

[Edit: Approved for news before checking maps. Maybe not newsworthy]
Interesting idea but ...
doomer's map crashes tyrquake because of no teleport destination or something. It's got rspeeds of 12000 anyways. It IS just a simple box with some extra brushes.

kujipinaj's map is rspeeds crazy too (~9000), lighting and gameplay are quasi non-existant. The tetris idea is kinda nice but movement on the blocks is bad, so bleh.

... Quake does not like such mapping practises. Just look at the bsp sizes and let me tell you the maps are very small. :P

Not really newsworthy unfortunately. 
I played the singleplayer map:

In order to watch it - rename lm00kujipinaj.bsp to wooot.bsp!

I though this map was:

A bit annoying
Interesting idea
Kept me from working for about 10 minutes!!!

V large file for very short gameplay - different though :) 
The idea is not so bad for an experimental mapping event. Of course, the results are rather unplayable due to their construction. A bit too excessively 3D for Quaketris.
Kujipinaj's map is somewhat interesting, reminded me a little of TransloQuake. Doomer's map is pointless (+unnecessary bugs) though. Both maps would have benefitted from at least some lighting (however simple) - not much of a problem putting some lights in front of all those light textures, is it?
ZeRo's map looks cool on the screenshot - didn't play it because I don't have Warsow installed. 
Thanks for playing )

it's first event, and i think it isn't last. so..

i want to make next event more.. experemental
we'd like to show off BSP if you want so ) 
uhm, forgot..

demo on my map: 
Drop A Line In The General Abuse Thread Next Time Such An Event Is On 
Maybe someone here will join too. 
Reminds Me... 
of RPG's tetris-themed map. Except it sounds like his was more playable. 
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