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Dspdm7 - The Modern Egypt
Hello other time mates.

After five days of the release of dspdm6, today bring my seventh map (dspdm7). The title for this new map is "The Modern Egypt". Is specially designed for 2on2 combats...

I can't tell you much more. Download it and just enjoy!



Official page:

Regards for all!
Awesome, Again! 
I'm loving your newer DM maps, man! Keep it up! :) 
Thanks u veru much Nookadum, really are those type of comments are that motivates me.

Actually, i'm searching ideas for do dspdm8 and later i want make some for SP and some for Q-RA (rocket arena) for my friend deurk.

Cya ! 
looks nice, dspdm8 for defrag mod!! :>> 
dspdf1 prodefragger? well, is possible, time at time hehe. Before, when i plays to quake 3 i'm was defragger :p Cetus was my idol :D 
Can't Ever Get Enough... 
...of those textures in Q1 :) 
"looks nice, dspdm8 for defrag mod!! :>>"

And DSPDM9 for freestyle :o 
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