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Dspra2 - Arena Tribute
Hello to all. I'm another time here and bring my second Rocket Arena map, their name is dspra2. It was designed and thought to have great combats in ra mode. Also, the choice of textures think that is not entirely bad. I look forward to a lot of blood spilled in this arena:)


Official Page:
i reduced the number of screenshots because you really don't need 5 screenshots for a one-room map. 
Why does it matter how many screenshot links he posts? It's not like you're having to scroll past actual screenies, or even click on the things.

If three screenshots are okay for a one-room map, I guess six are okay for a two-room map? What if it has a couple of connecting hallways between the two rooms? One screenshot for each hallway? If they're really tall hallways, worth, say, a screenshot and a half each, can I use the two half screenies for a bonus shot for the rest of the map, or is that cheating? These rules confuse me.

there aren't any rules, it was just an editorial choice. I also got rid of some line breaks. 
The Number Of Screens Dont Worry Me 
Like or not like the map ?

The Map Looks Awesome! 
And you can see the other shots if you click on the link to Deady_sp's site at the top of the post!

Deadly - Did you get the Em@il I sent you? What was happening there?

BTW - Your new Rocket Arena map looks really awesome, if a little bit small (its probably a good size for a lot of carnage!!!) - It might be good for 1 on 1 deathmatch!

Like the custom textures - looks like decals or something! 
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