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..::LvL December
Four for your stockings at ..::LvL. All the maps in this update are worth checking out, a few of them are keepers! 'The Rage' from Foralarx is a remake of ztn's Q2 classic of the same name. Two texture versions are included in the download.

* The Rage by Foralarx - DM/Tourney 2-4 player
* Annihilation by ShadoW - DM/Tourney/Team 2-6 player
* Revenga! by Strahlemann - DM/Tourney 2-4 player
* Hyperblast-q3 by FluSyndrome - Space DM/Tourney 2-4 players

There is a 30sec video of all these maps as well.

In other news, ..::LvL has been through a complete re-design (if you did not know). The site looks and works very different from the 1999 original. One of the key new features is the keyboard short cuts for browsing and navigation. While not a requirement, the short cuts do speed things up a lot. More details in the FAQ on the site.

..::LvL -
When you are so about being web2.0 then why use Quicktime for the videos? Flash/flv would be much much easier for the enduser.

Oh I love Strahlemann's style! 
Flash Vs Quicktime 
Quicktime is just the same file size and quality as flash (both are ACC and H264), with none of the expense or cross platform issues of Flash. Basically, Quicktime is the better product when you look at cross browser support, cross OS support and download options.

People use flash when they don't want you to keep the files and because they have a warez copy of Flash. QT Pro is $AU45, Flash is $AU1,129 
Very nice) Q2 Rules! 
I really dislike the small frame you use for the main content body of the site. Whats the use of having the navigation on screen all the time?
the awesome cross platform QT just crashed me browser. trying again...

ps: Q2 Rules. serv 
Well, QuickTime IS awesome. It just sucks on Windows. :) 
Hey, I love the videos! That's awesome stuff. If I was to start up a new level review site I would totally do that. Really gives a great feel for the level. 
The Videos Are Great 
watching those videos made me want to play q3 again 
I'm impressed with what you've come up with, and your willingness to create something that is very non-standard compared to the presentation of most websites.

I did find it a bit confusing/overwhelming at first, and I think you might benefit from trying to simplify the way it looks to users, without changing too much of the functionality of it. (no actual suggestions on how, though)

One example, the screenshot browser overlay that you had previously implemented is now hard to identify as an overlay. I first thought it was a frameset and I'd have to hit "back" to get away from it. Only when I see a close button do I realize that other page is still under there. 
That "Revenga" map looks really cool. 
It Breaks The Back Button 
'nuff said

im surprised it works as well as it does, though. if it weren't totally ignoring the features my user agent has... Maybe Tigger-on should go, work on his own browser &/or the htm5 spec to allow for menus, galleries, reviews, etc.

I saw some "close this" links around, but there was no window opened. *confused*

oh, and last time i checked the timeline wasn't working at all in opera latest snapshot, this time i didn't even bother. having 2/3s of the available space user up for navigation sucks :)

i'd like to have the ui reflect more of the 'database of map(-reviews)' concept, atm i tend not to find where to click when i want to go somewhere - missing visual hierarchy/grouping.

oh, and is there QuickT for linux? Is it any safer than the windows variant (massive code execution backdoor)?
Imho, flv is way more cross os. 
oh, forgot - you must have a ton of duplicate js/server-side logic, do you use some framework to generate the js? 
Thanks for the feedback...

See the FAQ to answer most of your questions, but I'll answer some in here.

Known Opera bugs (bugs in Opera, not the site) are fixed in Opera 9.50 Beta. If they are not, you should submit a bug report to Opera developers. Opera and IE are very buggy browsers when it comes to AJAX.

The QT plugin that I use on FreeBSD with Firefox is called 'mplayerplug-in-3.45'. Any good distro will have this included in the base / ports / packages / apps section.

There is very little duplication in the code. No JS is dynamic, but there is a lot of AJAX calls (may sound like a contradiction but I'm not going to go into the semantically difference here). The code is not scrambled, feel free to read it.

Also, you may like the 2nd tip on the site - if you failed to read it - which talks about hiding the timeline. This is a great tip for smaller window size users. I'm guessing you run 1024x768, based on your comments. (BTW, most of the code was written on my FreeBSD laptop, with a 1024x768 screen.)

The back button is only broken on browsers with weak AJAX support. Firefox / Safari 3 (522.x) works perfectly. IE is crap, and Opera is kind-of working. I have a few ideas on making the back-button work on all browsers ... but it will take time to test and debug. With over 50% of people using Firefox (on ..::LvL) it is more of an inconvenience for some, not all.

"atm i tend not to find where to click when i want to go somewhere - missing visual hierarchy/grouping"...

Love to hear you expand on what you were looking for in the statement above. You can browse and group maps in so many different ways it is not funny, but maybe this is the problem - there are too many options for you?

As to the 'Close' links. I think I know what you mean. This is a semantic issue and it is very valid. I'll need to look at this. 
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