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Mapping On OS X.
So far I've had little luck with this. I'm just trying to do this, and if I really can't get it working I'll just give it up and try it on a windows box.
That looks promising and great and all, but I see no release date.
Quiver works, kind of. It crashes classic when I hit build, and I have no idea how to get a .map file out of it to build with the tools.
This ancient relic will run and I can get a .map out of it, but it won't compile a bsp without a jqt.wad, and I can't find it/have no idea what to do for that.

So anyway, if anyone has any links or advice or anything, I'd appreciate it lots.
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Some old-timer came around a bit ago, talking about a mapping program he was making on/for OSX. I don't recall where that is mentioned, though.

And, this should be in the mapping help thread :) 
The "old timer" you mentioned is Warren Marshall (func_msg poster Willem) and his site is the first one that Jatz posted.

Also I think there should be a thread dedicated specifically to this kind of thing. There's definitely some promising work being done and why not have a central point where people can talk about the latest happenings?

I don't know enough about it, but GTKRadiant ( ) seems to have been built to work on Linux as well as Windows. Whether it actually works or not I can't really say but I would hope so ;) 
I think I'm within a few weeks of releasing a beta to a few people. Not long now! I've started posting how many tasks I have left to do before I can beta it ... that isn't EVERYTHING that I have left to do but it's the items that I chose as "must have" features for a first release.

It's coiming ... slowly. :) 
Gtk On Os X 
doesn't really work. You can find it here: - don't come running for help though. It uses the GTK toolkit, which needs X11 on OS X. That means that it's not a native OS X port, so everything looks and works differently. If you get it working in the first place, that is. I have tried to install it several times, and it never worked.

On top of that, I don't know if you can shoehorn it into editing Quake 1 maps, although there usually are ways to do that.

I think our best bet is Warrens new editor. It looks very promising, and the progress he has made in the past weeks is rather impressive.

For what it's worth, I myself am working with the fitzquake source to get it to compile on OS X (and later on, linux) so that we have a decent engine to work with. 
Metslime, I think this could be a sticky thread - Editor Help, maybe. Seems recently there's alot more interest in the non-windows Q1 side. 
Since this thread is related to OSX, let me ask:

Is there anything that Quiver does especially nicely that you really like? Does it do anything better than Worldcraft or Radiant? If so, please describe. 
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