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Looking For Artist
Does anyone here do 2D graphics? Or does anyone here know of someone who does?

I'm going to need a logo, an icon and a few UI bits and bobbles for my editor so it looks decent when I release it.

I'm willing to pay. Any info to be had here?
I Elect 
Depending on the license your editor will be under you could harvest other sources eg the QuArK icons (GPL). For simple and generic icons there are great sets like Silk:

This could have went into one of the sticky topics. ;) 
The license will be "free, yes, free" so whatever I can use under that would be great. 
And I have some icon sets here at home it's just that I don't have icons that specifically match what I want and I certainly can't pull a logo out of a set of icons.

Again, I'm willing to pay if someone wants to do a few 2D icons and a logo. :) 
Is It A Disadvantage To Not Have A Mac? 
If I were designing icons I'd like to be able to test/see them in the application I'm making them for.. but I guess it's just like pro level design where you have to build levels before the gameplay is implemented :) 
You Can Count Me In. 
I do it for a living, if you want samples, let me know.... 
I think you can create those icons without access to a mac if willem provides you with plenty of screenshots to help you visualize things. You have to remember however that icons on OS X are usually made up of a much higher number of single images than those on windows (the application icon anyway).

Check out the Apple Human Interface Guidelines:

There is a chapter on icons that explains everything. 
Oh, But... 
...I'd do it for free. 

Please, send me samples. :) willem at wanton hubris . com. 
In fact, anyone who wants to take a shot at this - please send me samples. I'm not trying to be overly picky or whatever but if someone immediately clicks with the right style or something it would seem prudent to go with them.

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Willem, I Will Send You Samples 
On monday.

I'm still on vacation... sorry... 
...U got mail. 
Will check it out tonight, thanks! 
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