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Fitzquake Linux
Is anyone here in the process of porting Fitzquake to Linux? If so, how can I help?
Bleh, I Was So Excited For A Moment 
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I was delighted... 
Where should this post go? 
Coding help or GA. 
This should have been posted in the General Abuse thread. That said, to answer your question, I am in fact working on an SDL port of the Fitzquake engine. It currently runs fine on Windows and Mac OS X, but I have a bit of trouble with sound on Linux. If you can help out with that, send an email to deceive.inveigle.obfuscate AT gmail DOT com.

I will release a beta for all platforms as soon as the linux sound issue is fixed (and I get around to making a website for this). 
Do you have an SVN/CVS/Git repository? 
Yes, but it's not public, and I don't know you. If you want the source, send me an email and I'll it to you. 
It Would Help 
if these threads were deleted (so the archive stays smaller) 
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