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Placing A Weapon For HIPDM1 In Quake 1
I am looking to place a shock gun in place where the "thor" hammer used to sit.

See this pic below...

See the yellow circular spot? That's where the hammer used to sit when the 1st expansion came out for Quake. Since I don't have that installed, naturally it won't appear.

But I don't need the hammer since it's very bugged and causes lock ups when used. So instead I like for the shock rifle to be there instead.

Is there a way to do this?

bspinfo -copyents hipdm1
sed -i.bak s/weapon_mjolnir/weapon_nailgun/ hipdm1.ent
qbsp -onlyents hipdm1.ent
That code I put in the ~ console screen? 
weapon_nailgun places a shockgun in there or just a nailgun? 
Dunno What A Shockgun Is 
But no, you do those in your command shell. You need bsptools installed and then you can either use sed or edit hipdm1.ent in notepad or whatever 
lightening gun I mean

So where do I put the edit notepad at what directory?

what's the command line for lightening gun? 
Where can I download the bsptools at? 
Google is your best friend. 
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