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Quaddicted Singleplayer Map Archive Is Complete
Wow. This looked like a task for sisyphus at first. 3 years later it is done.

Singleplayer Maps:

Quake Singleplayer ("partial") Mods:

Be aware that you can sort the tables by clicking on the "Author - Map - DL - Size - Date DMY - Rating" header. You need Javascript enabled. Warning: It might freeze your browser for a second or two.
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now that was a quick reboot, guess I counted wrong and the fsck will happen next time.

the forums stuff will be mounted tomorrow (it takes 10 hours to do so, no kidding, several tens of gigabytes in a 3G .tar.bz2)

for necros or anyone else who might look at this:

the Injector has 3 online dependencies, the zips, the screenshots, the xml "database' with the metadata. zips are already easy to store locally (just dump everything into its download directory), for the screenshots I made an ugly fork iirc, the xml is what is left. basically you would just need to download and store the xml file instead of directly opening it from http. I think megaman had started working on that.

the source is at , pester megaman with questions, checkout the issue list and the forks before doing anything. might be a pain to build on windows since ant is used. 
I was able to click and drag the thing into netbeans no problem except for one class that can't be found, "BuildCommit", which seems to be needed to tell the server what build you're using. Part of svn or something?
Netbeans uses ant for compiling ( ) so working on it in windows doesn't look like a problem.

basically you would just need to download and store the xml file instead of directly opening it from http. I think megaman had started working on that.

Looks like that's line 354 in which seems to try to deal with an inaccessible online database. I guess the only missing component is saving the xml to disk? 
Yikes, lots of stuff in here I know nothing about. I'm afraid I will be of no help to you. :) 
Thanks For Trying! 
Ant is no problem at all on Windows.

The Antscript builds the BuildCommit class from the git version nr. 
E4m7rmx Is Missing 
Fear Not! 
I had only seen it in a zip by itself on SDA, didn't even realize there was a pak. sorry. :) 
negke wants to know, are the videos on unusually loud? 
no, I didn't find them to be too loud. 
seems ok to me too. 
They're Not Too Loud 
But they're louder than other gameplay vids IMO. And I think sometimes the sound distorts. 
should be back online later today or something 
What Did You Do This Time? 
sudo rm -Rf /* instead of ./* ? 
Nah, I still haven't moved it to the new server and always pay for the old one at the last warning which is too close to the shutoff for bank transfer processing times.

I got a file named -i in my / so that would not work. ;)

Can't wait for the massive meltdown when I fully switch to systemd... 
It's Back! 
don't break it again 
Idiot :-P 
Vote That Map A Five For The Cocks! 
we should get this spammer to write essays for the wiki 
3 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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