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Quaddicted Singleplayer Map Archive Is Complete
Wow. This looked like a task for sisyphus at first. 3 years later it is done.

Singleplayer Maps:

Quake Singleplayer ("partial") Mods:

Be aware that you can sort the tables by clicking on the "Author - Map - DL - Size - Date DMY - Rating" header. You need Javascript enabled. Warning: It might freeze your browser for a second or two.
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nice work. 
2nd That 
And thanks Spirit for one of the best archives that exist. 
Really Good Work, Spirit... 
... Very helpful, too.

Just to be picky, I think it would be nice if the sorting by "rating" was in ascending order of quality instead of simply alphabetical.
The way you arranged it, when you sort, the first maps to be displayed are "Average"...

Just my 2 cents.

Great work! All my love to you!!!

P.S. If you'd ever need a hand in playing all the maps all over again to include in the archives a complete rundown of secrets for each one(it's been an idea of mine for a loong time), count me in. 
Deja Vu? 
Its not there!!

Not good enough for ya? 
Oh Yeah - Well Done BTW ;-P 
Seems like some more recent maps are missing. Sorry. Please just report missing stuff unless you miss an old version of something when a new version is listed. 
My brilliant Distractions is missing although the file is there. 
Nice Job 
But what exactly is "average" rating? Is that like, id software quality maps, or more recent quality maps? 
nice work. This is probably the only complete (or near complete) website of SPQ maps.

Note: there are two maps released in 1995; how is that possible? Didn't quake ship in mid-1996?

now, all that remains is putting it into a database :) 
Thks guys!!! hope people now replay more the maps that are in database ;)

realy cool work! 
Great Work Spirit! 
Congratulations for its completion! 
Iirc aren't those maps hacked QTest maps of some sort? 
more date of computer wrong :p 
Sham, Kuro 
Yeah, should be one year later. Also, it seems both files are actually the same map, though one is rated poor while the other is average?! :P 
There are two different maps 'tomb' by t.person
and 'tomb' by tiddles but discription page goes
only to t.person's 'tomb' you need to fix it 
Dunno about Kuro/Sham but it sure is poor. :p
Some early map(s) were binary(?) hacks though, not sure which.

ORL: "Average" would be simply "the middle". Not great, not bad, somewhere in between. The spmaps graph shows how it should be like, most maps are average.
x-axis is the rating, y-axis the amount of maps.

Something is wrong about those mods though, you guys spent too much effort polishing them, heh.

metl: I don't like Databases. My plan are plain XML files rendered with XSLT, might handy and surely will be "fun" (a lot of work).

Thanks Mikko and spy, will fix. 
You Don't Like Databases 
Mostly because I like being able to backup everything by simply copying the files. 
Great work. I agree databases suck.

One thing, I never looked properly at it, but does the archive include all maps from the ID FTP server? Or did that server only have multiplayer maps? 
The Only Way 
to keep this stuff archived for reasonable time frames (100 years) would be to have a foundation that had enough money it could cover its expenses from the interests. And strict laws to prevent it from being spent anywhere else.

Great effort. I hope it will stay up for a long time. 
amoe: You mean the ("Walnut Creek") idgames2 archive I guess? Yes, those are all included. There might be a few partial conversions that would qualify though, I don't know.

bambuz: Actually 100 years of hosting would be something around only 5000 Euro with today's prices. I do plan to maintain this as long as possible and since it is plain html finding hosting should never be a problem. :) 
And If You Run Into Any Trouble 
there's always 
Why not create a torrent from /filebase and html+screenshot (v1.0) stuff? Offline Quaddicted for everyone 
Thanks for your work on this. I also like neg's torrent idea. 
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