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New Q1SP: Attack On Fort Ratsack!
Since the Base Pack is finally dead (sob), I guess it's time to release my entry to it, base_debris or "Fort Ratsack". You can snag it here:


Don't forget to get Quoth and Quoth 2 installed before you do (like anyone in here doesn't have it, right????).


[edit: added screenshots]
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nice demo The Silent 
I Don't Understand How To Fight Them

#56 posted by czg [] on 2008/03/27 10:41:52

normal my friend not all of us born smart... 
The Silent 
You sir, are the bomb. Czg, you are just sad. 
Aw, Guys... You Got Me Blushing All The Way... 
...Thanks a lot for the kind words, Sielwolf, you know, that being said from you is one huge compliment...

And you, Biff, are the master...
The map is just awesome, can never get enough of it, Quoth base at its bestest(!)

Thanks, everyone... 
Enjoyed It 
Nice difficulty setting, finding myself under attack at the start made me expect a spanking, but then I found it manageable until the end, which was fucking hard again. I didn't find too many secrets yet. I think I played on skill 1. Some cool infighting occurred between eliminators and enforcers/grunts etc.

Proper texturing, good item placement (always found some health when I was running low) and proper usage of Quoth monsters. Just nice general layout.

The SNG was perhaps a bit overkill, grenade launcher was useful. I would have liked one or two larger areas, I noticed the scale was a bit oldschoolish (in a good way), but I also liked how fast it played, so no complaints.

Thanks, will replay a few times for sure. 
another great looking map release. cheers biff, comments later. 
site's down. alternate link anyone? 
Oh Yeah, Crap. 
Forgot about Leveldesign not having it -- I'll look into seeing if Spirit could back it up at shubhub or something... 
Of Course 
Ta Spirit 
solid map with good gameplay. Doesnt quite take advantage of quoth2 like Slave to the Machine but is still quakey fun with good design. 
hectic map, lots of monsters for the space but gameplay is fine.
A bit short.

Nice basey architecture with good attention to detail.

I suck at finding secrets, didn't get a single one.

I like it that it's old fashioned in a sense, not some huge open areas or hordes, but nifty gameplay.
Also liked the hand buttons. Was never lost either. 
Not So Bad 
full of action, hehehe. on diff setting normal, got to finish in almost 11 min in the first run (the second, in fact, i was killed soon after the first start), 1 secret (the one in base itself) discovered and 92 monsters killed. found the second secret by mistake (i was trying to grenade-jump to its exit thinking it was entrance). the third by some cheat altough was not so far to getting it by normal means. 
because I could.

I seem to have a thing with lifts.

Quoth defenders and eliminators are pretty evil. 
Two Words 
Describe this map and its maker -- pure class. 
I liked this map a lot with it's combat and design. I have played it a long time ago so I can't remember the details but I definitely enjoyed it a lot.
Here is a demo to the point I have died. I have missed the SNG somehow. The big secret was cool. 
Finally Played This 
Biff, you're too good for this world... 
Come Back Biffstar! 
Finally got around to playing this fast and furious base sprint map. The start of the map is brutal with everything around you trying to kill you with lazor beams and there is a dog biting your ankles. I like how the quoth AI are used and finally a quoth map that does not go crazy with eddies, infact none!

I played on both skill 0 and 1 and totally enjoyed the pace with fast frantic OMG they have plasma and it hurts to the funky secret locations that are a really nice break from the norm. The map twists and turns and I never felt like I was lost or wondering where to go. The final room was refreshing because it was just large amounts of AI defending an area really well, luckily no raining AI moments.

Overall, I enjoyed it, the start is frustrating but it soon settles down and becomes a glorious rampage through a well made base map. :) 
my favourite Quoth map. Willem, you lately asked how I think a good map should be, or something along those lines, and I was about to name this one. But then I thought you were being sarcastic and didn't answer *g*

I enjoy Sock's time travelling. 
My Example 
Hello here...
I'm xrumer, where is my beer?!
It is simple a testing :) 
Extremely good map !
Very enjoyable ! 
Wait til you play Myrmidon! 
Bloody Hell Yeah! 
From Xrumer 
Hi all
I am xrumer, where is my beer?!
It is simple a test ;) 
This is a spam probe. Make sure to remove it. 
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