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New Q1SP: Attack On Fort Ratsack!
Since the Base Pack is finally dead (sob), I guess it's time to release my entry to it, base_debris or "Fort Ratsack". You can snag it here:


Don't forget to get Quoth and Quoth 2 installed before you do (like anyone in here doesn't have it, right????).


[edit: added screenshots]
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This Map Is Cool. 
the map is really hard, didn't expect such intensive gameplay. cool map :) 
/me Smothers Biff In Honey And Throws Him Into A Pit Of Lesbians 
Loved it. Particularly the secret (you know which one).

One odd thing: the exit to that secret is in plain view. I grenade jumped into it when I first saw it, which very confusingly had no effect at all. Hmph.

All around sweet map though. Yay! 
Very Nice Indeed! 
Great map, awesome secrets. 
This Map Is Good Fun. 
Yeah, the level had a lovely, clean base architecture but combat relied too heavily on using the single-barreled shotgun: a huge chunk of combat situations were long range which kinda made the double-barreled obsolete. Nails were scarce and I couldn't find any of the secrets (wasn't really looking for them though).

Took me less than eight minutes on normal, didn't die although a few combat situations got pretty tense and somehow I missed 30 enemies. Here's a demo of my first playthrough: 
Glad you guys like it so much =D and thanks for the demo Mikko, I'll include it on the map page for base_debris on my site! 
OMG (2). 
And thanks metl for doing my post proper and including screenies. I am SUCH a noob. 
Nice Nice Nice 
Sexy map!
The start was damn frantic but well balanced. Loved the secrets (and I tried the same grenade jump like BlackDog with an unexpected result), didn't find the third though.

Great level, I liked both architecture and intense gameplay a lot, interesting secrets (found one), will not spoil them.

Looks perfect and as for a gameplay: few pyro troops and supernailgun cyborgs would make it IMHO even better (I know implementing them would take time, as there is not enough space for them to maneuver). Adding more proper start (teleporter for example, but OK, slipgater sneaked in inside cargo crate, fine) and at least one larger room before exit with waves of flamethrower guys and cyborgs, that�s what I mean. That is the only thing I missed here, larger arenas with the new cyborg enemies-it would also prolong time needed to get through this (a little bit) small level.

But once again, perfect, clean look balances this out well enough. Will have to play through few more times! 
Thanks A Lot For This Map!!! 
This is really fun. I'm real glad that the Base Pack stuff is coming out because I thought it seemed like a great idea, and this is the kind of material which makes folk want to map!

Truely inspired!

My first run demo:

148/16#, er cant remember how fast (quite fast) 2/3 secrets.

I did noclip to find the amissed secret, and O.M.G. !!!!!

Dont want to spoil it for others.


Honestly this was plain FUN. With a capital 'FUN'. Not too grueling, just wholesome family entertainment.

I liked the fact that it was FULL of detail, almost to bursting point! 
Bif U Faty 
y u rlese dis wen im not in playble st8?! 
Great Fun 
bit short, sadly, but I enjoyed it and the secrets were awesome! 
This Map Makes Me BIFF! 
Really good stuff. And really hard. I must have died about, 15 times or so. But despite that, everything was top-notch. Keep up the good work. 
Died Once 
3/3 secrets (best secret area ever btw) and 164/164. Fantastic map, worth the wait. R4wk on, u. 
yeee relay outstanding!!! but i�ve already tested the map ;) but i did a demo of course was first run after the release... but i�ve already play it!!! no going to find the last secret... 
I forgot to credit you on the readme file as one of the testers! I am a git, please forgive me =(

Also, loving those demos -- it's so fun watching how people go about doing things in the map. 
Trinca =( 
Your demo crashed to the console with some sort of "illegible server message". 
forget about the credit stuff :) i even read the readme :p

chif chif :\ shouldn�t crash...was recorded with joequake 
Fantastic Work 
looks great, plays great, awesome secrets. Didn't find the super special secret entrance, but saw what you had done after I finished and had a quick noclip around - probably the biggest secret I have seen contained in a level. The other secrets were nice too, though pretty easy to find, though enjoyable and both very useful and well integrated into the map.

I got trapped behind a crate once, but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the level too much thanks to the ability to noclip out from behind in a couple of seconds :)

As far as visuals go, really sweet chunk of classic base, right up there with dm3rmx. Gameplay was fun but I found it a bit too easy. Had no real low health situations apart from the start (on nightmare), though low on ammo towards the end. I definitely felt there should have been a few 'boss' situations, maybe an ambush or two, and the end was anticlimactic. The two secrets I found were a real treat, not sure if that area was a just a map scrap you had lying around and decided to use it, but it worked. I thought the entrance to one of them (shoot an unmarked section of wall) was a bit uninspired, but it was easy enough to find by chance with all that buckshot flying around. Also got trapped behind a crate which I had a look behind to see if it was a secret.

An amusing discovery: bobs look really stupid when they are trying to shoot you from behind the doorway to a high room. 
Looks Good 
Biff you always make very good use of angles to make indoor architecture look really interesting. House of Spikes was awesome. I'd like to see your style with some unusual texture sets. 
Hot Damn! This Level Rocks! 
The first try demo: (with 1 death)

Biff, you inspired me once again! The base level of my dreams, from the gameplay and what's most important - atmosphere and lighting it rocks! It's masterpiece! Thou art rock, 6177!

ps. secrets are godly! 
very good map biff, as usual! 
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