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Q1SP (Quoth2) - Slave To A Machine
OK, here is my new map! There have been a l00t of high quality maps/mods to have come out in the past month or so, here's my contribution. This one is for Quoth2 so make sure you have the second part of Quoth installed.

Also note that this level is meant for GlQuake engines, preferably ones with .lit file support for coloured lighting. I would recommend FitzQuake or JoeQuake, both engines have been tested with this map, and work properly. (NOTE: JoeQuake users type "loadsky dragonheart" to view the skybox) Darkplaces has a bug which causes it to remove all of the doors from the map!!

This is a medium/large base map using Daikatana, Doom3 and Half-Life textures to give a tech/industrial feel. Almost 180 monsters on hard. Expect to see random telefraggings and in-fighting!

Here are some screenshots:

And heres a download or two:

And heres the mapsource:

Enjoy! :-)
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Another Great Map From RickyT 
I realy enjoyed your latest maps, this one included. Usually base maps aren't my thing but you manage to convince me to your style and to the quoth monstery also. The texturing, brushwork and coloured lights were great for me and the same applies to your previous map.
The gameplay. It just feets my shoes. You manage to keep the player moving quick and reacting fast. I played on hard and I was twice very low on health but I managed to survive. Skill 2 here seemed to be comparable with skill 1 in The hand for me.
Here is my demo from the first play (it won't play in fitzquake)

Keep it up. I can't even imagine how great a medieval map from you could be. 
Nice Map 
I didn't think it was too dark. But I played with gamma 0.5. Never used idgamma, don't understand what that effort is about. Fitzquake has a command called gamma, use that.

Nice with the bobs hunting me behind breaking boxes. Found one secret. Lots of nice details at places. The plaques helped a lot when trying to hunt down some places. Sometimes hard to see the color of the enforcers with them standing in the colored lights at ledges...

*spoiler coming*

At a few places there were cool gameplay things like when you came to a clearing and spotted a bob on the left, started firing at it and then a fiend came from the front. So the bob was only a distraction.

The sentinels are pretty nice enemies in that they don't have such huge masses of health.

I was in trouble at places since with fitz I have to choose either a good res or dinput. I played this without dinput then and that means mouse acceleration so I was shooting all over the place. Also took off crosshair to make nicer screenshots. :)
Here's one (ran with xnview's auto contrast) 
I didn't think it was too dark. But I played with gamma 0.5.


Never used idgamma, don't understand what that effort is about.

This is what it's all about:

Default palette:

Palette tweaked with idgamma:

It's not about the brightness so much, it's all about making it look non-shit.

Fitzquake has a command called gamma, use that.

No. Anything other than gamma 1 is bad. Make maps look good with the proper gamma value please. 
id gamma is a low prescision pal shift which kills all the details on the brighter spots and it shouldnt be used with an engine that supports proper overbrights, like fitz or dp 
Interesting Info Speeds 
I'll try Fitz without idgamma, but I imagine I'll just go straight back to it. You know how it is, it's all down to what you're used to.

Especially considering the relatively low res or otherwise poor quality of quake textures (badly converted custom ones for instance), I'm more interested in what looks good at a glance than what is 'accurate' or 'precise'.

Then again I'm someone who cranks the saturation up on my monitor/drivers because I like stuff to be colourful... real artists look at my screen and bitch about the colour balance... :)

I used the idgamma converted palette originally to make standard glquake look less pants though, so I'll have a go without it for the sake of science. 
well, tbh some maps look better with IDgamma, some look worse, depending on the textures and the lighting 
Heh - People All Have Their Monitors Set Up Differently 
for starters, secondly lots of modern graphics cards can do things to the appearance of 3D images.

The word of advice "to try and get the lighting in a level to the same sort of effect as in the original Quake levels" is probably a good idea!

I may have made this a tad dark. It was meant to be quite dull and dark in places, but people having the effects that Daz did, #11, well I must try to avoid this for the next map!

I have found FitzQuake to render things a bit too light in the past, and wished I could turn the brightness down a bit more, but only ever to a tiny degree, and it was probably to do with my Nvidia control station settings or something (?) 
was perfect for me, not too dark but grungy and moody. 
In the nvidia controll panel is a option with video brighness/gamma/color...

Does this apply on games too? Someone tried? 
I Played On Skill 2 
but you cant avoid taking damage

Every time a level designer says this and it's not phrased in the form of an apology, a kitten dies in a house fire. 
Dear Fribbles, 
I luv u.

Need more petrol? 
I can vouch that it does, have witnessed this phenomena! Play Quake. Go into your Nvidia control panel and tweak the brightness settings. Go and play Quake again. Anyone tell me it doesnt affect the brightness? It does with FitzQuake for me! Im on an 8800GTS512 using XPHome32. 
Lunaran Is The Law 
All Hail 
Lunaran, the Moon God

Religiously offending material to follow:

I played on skill 1 after reading Lun's outpour. And yeah it's a bit forcing at places, even when I knew about it. 
Your architecture keeps getting better and better, but you keep pulling bullshit maneuvers with the gameplay

Sounds like Strombine - like the part where you walk into that big room and there are two snipers taking head-shots at you. I got killed - stopped playing at that point. 
you mean the ones that take turns firing once every ten seconds in the room where all the cover is as tall as you are?

The alternation was a tad nonintuitive (my fault), so I don't blame you for not catching on. It was designed to add some time pressure to keep the player moving around - the safe zones are always changing, but in a very predictable back-and-forth way. Two independent snipers didn't really give that away as obviously as a better-designed enemy might have (like a single helicopter in an obvious orbit or something). However, once you pick up on the pattern, it's actually pretty easy to clear that room without being hit a single time.

A Gug in a room that size would have been reasonable. :) 
some textures were as if 8-bit reduced quality or something like this. but impressive lightning. and good level design. another good map that would go good in an episode along with "the hand" map and "sick base"...
i was stuck at the gold keycard, probably because had only quoth 1.
the actual playing (shooting, monsters)... well.. decent. 
Look Closer 
wrong thread but hey 
Just to repeat what the others probably said already: nice map. Good variation on the base theme with the DKT and whatnot textures. In most areas the conversion artifacts aren't noticable because of the dim lighting - colored lights worked well. Some areas felt a bit minlighty though.
Gameplay was ok on skill 1, a few quothisms here and there but it always worked out for me. No ammo or health problems. Found the upper RA secret by accident.
I got stuck behind that girder thing in the GK room and between one of the outer walls and the rocks, lack of clip brushes there.
You've expored the base theme very far - I'd like to see you try something else for the next map. ;) 
seems legit lol

(note: didn't click on it) 
Dead Link 
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