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Drawing Distance In Gl Engines
how can I set a bigger distance from where walls/stuffs stops being drawed ? in soft engines I figured is +r_maxsurfs / +r_maxedges , but for GL ?
Discussion threads are for broad topics or questions that are likely to have many replies, where there is no simple answer and many people are likely to have different opinions.

If it's a simple question or comment that will only get a few responses, please post in one of the existing permanent threads, such as Mapping Help, Screenshots & Betas, Jobs & Mappers Wanted, or General Abuse.

And one cannot answer your question if you do not state what exact engine you are using. Sometimes it is gl_farclip, sometimes gl_maxdist, sometimes something else. 
I've been read that but wasnt able to locate a better section where to post it. Maybe to mapping help altough this question is not for mapping itself.
I supposed it would be generic for all engines. It's joequake and none of the above works. 
Found It 
Did a cvar_savevars 2, that accidentally read to write in config.cfg all variables, then opened config.cfg and easy located what seemed to be what i searched for. and it worked. r_farclip is.
If you desire, you can delete or move this thread. thank you. 
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