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General Nonsense Thread.
Errrr. Smack talk, obsolete arguments, beef....whatever
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Carry On Lads.... 
Pistols at dawn anyone?

Perhaps just settle it over NetQuake or QuakeWorld or whatever. Or maybe just meet up and knock seven shades of shit through eachother... 
Um, the discussion was essentially over. Why start up a whole new (useless) thread purely to stir up shit? 
(I Waiting Gb) 
I just felt sorry for the hardware thread. Also I was trying to be funny. You must see the funny side. Just a little ? 
you should know by now that you cant post a massive reply in such a feud and not expect a retaliation. You quoted half of his last post. It would be horrendously naive of you to assume he's going to accept all of your new retorts and give up......? 
Gb, any interest in carrying this on in a whole separate thread? I know I have none. 
no. Besides Ricky, I think you misunderstood me. I actually think that Willem is probably right.

I was just giving my 2 cents in the hardware thread, originally I wanted to relate my experience that non-computer literate persons find consoles (console games) easier to use. Then I veered off towards comparisons with fast food.

that's all, nothing to write home about :-)

Hey, I expected a wholly different kind of thread!!! 
btw, my new way to let off steam is to make maps. :-) 
move this to GA 
I Often Find That After A Small Altercation 
people become better friends than before!

"btw, my new way to let off steam is to make maps. :-)"

Nothing fuels abusive combat and evil looking maps like anger. :P 
RickyT23 should be banned from creating new threads. 
RickyT23 Should Take A Nap 
Nothing fuels abusive combat and evil looking maps like anger. :P

nothing fuels Quake like anger. yup.

I'm sure CZG would agree :-P 
Anger and caffiene. Lovely, lovely caffiene.

But yeh, I fail to see the need for a new thread. I actually have a few more cents to add, but tbh it can be kept in the hardware thread, it allows a better look at the whole debate for future reference and allows for a wider remit (ie, more thread jacking) in terms of discussion.

Which leaves this thread free for goat pron... 
I Would Have Rather Played Gears On A PC 
But I was a console man at the time, and didnt have a decent PC.

Still prefer PC shooters to anything else :P

It's the mouse thing. I love it. Better than a Wii remote - the humble mouse. And it's also sitting right infront of a screen - total immersion!!! Gimme a keyboard, a mouse and a virgin PC Horror/Action shooter and I'm a happy man. Just turn down the lights, maybe a cigar or two... 
RickyT23 should be banned from creating new threads.

Should be put out of his misery

Hey! Do you want a fucking piece of me???!!??
Do you want fucking piece of me??!!?
That's Not All 
he should be banned from, as we can see here. 
Want A Piece Of My Ass? 
are you letting your mum post again? 
Right, Thats It 
outside, now 
we obviously need to ban Ricky's mum from posting here. 
Where's The Popcorn Icon? 
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