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QuakeEd 3.1 (build 102) *New Level Editor For Quake*
Before I explain everything here, I need to upload the file (preferably to Shub-Hub), but according to the rules there, I need a password to do so.

If someone would be kind enough to provide it, I can upload the file and then complete this post.

Thanks, in advance.
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I'm happy that someone is interested in continuing the work on this editor. I felt bad for leaving it out to dry like that (especially for necros who put a lot of time into the editor, mapping, documenting bugs and all that) but I've just never had the time to get back into it, and any free time I did have was used for idTech 4 stuff.

Anyway, I have a build here that may be newer than the last version I put up, but I'm not sure. It's been years since I've touched this shit. If anyone's interested, I can zip it up and upload a raw dump of my files. It may not have anything new but who knows... 
i was pretty impressed with the stuff you did on the d3w forums so it was worth it, i think. :)

i have QuakeEd 3 beta build 105, but then again, i have two executables that are build 105 but have different timestamps and file sizes.

probably safe to upload your files. 
2d Views 
Was a version of QE3 with multiple 2D views ever publically released? It's been a long while for me as well since using this, and I don't have a PC box around to check.

It largely comes down to philosophical differences and preferences, and it's not too big a deal to tab between 2d views, but with a nice big hi-res screen it would be nice to see everything at once, even if it's slightly redundant.

Also, everything necros said about bugs and features. All that's a higher priority than extra 2d views really. 
yeah... sikk programmed in a bunch of great presets that can make it look like almost anything. on top of that, you can do whatever you want with the windows and they snap together.

aside from those numerous bugs, i still find this to be my ideal editor. i wish you could customize the hotkeys though. i mean, we've got quake where you can bind anything to everything, yet the editor has builtin hotkeys. :P never really considered the irony of that before. 
Could you bundle up your latest and upload and post link here? Doesn't matter if it has bugs.

Uploading to a public thread is superior to private communications, you can't rule out other parties with an interest in your work or with useful things to say about QER. 
If its a viable alternative when the next version is up (which it sounds to be) then I'll switch to it. 
i remembered another bug that wasn't on the original list i posted. i've updated the list:

the only addition is this:
Vertex Manipulation: The area around a vertex/edge dot that is selectable appears to be a fixed size. ie: If you zoom in, the selection area is huge and if you zoom out far enough, it's pretty much impossible to select a vertex. the selection size should be constant, irregardless of zoom level. 
What about the source? Shouldn't that be included in every release? What license is the original QuakeEd source under? I'd like to look at how you are doing vertex manip in this editor. 
If It's Based On Radiant 
Then it's gpl. 
The Source Is In This Thread Somewhere 
A bit hard to find, you'll need to look through to find it. 
The Source Should Be In The Archive 
Any version I uploaded had the source included. But, no matter, here's the latest source. And, like I said earlier, it may be no different than the last beta (v3.1.0.5) I put up.

And yeah, the one I downloaded did contain source - I just overlooked the rar. Sorry. 
Small Issue...? 
Decided to give this a whirl and one thing is bothering me. Made a little test room and have it textured. When I quit and reload the map I only get the blue/black checker everywhere and (afaik) no view option to show my applied textures. Placing a texture on a face causes the rest of that brush to revert back to the way they were textured when I saved the file. Maybe I'm missing something obvious here? 
you probably didn't specify the wad file in the wad key? 
Ah! Got it working, cheers. 
sorry to bump this thread for such a small thing but i noticed i forgot to re-upload the bug list i made on this when i switched to slipgateconstruct.

i've since re-uploaded it. (the old link also works now, thanks to spirit's url redirection!) 
Dead Links 
Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. It seemed the links here were somewhat dead. Here is a zip I just made of the editor as it was installed on an old hard drive. Should work. 
Good save raptore. I'll re-upload that to Quaketastic too. I'm dropping it in the "tools" folder... since it includes the source code, I didn't drill down further into "windows", but if anyone feels like it should be moved somewhere that's fine. 
Hmm, I uploaded it to Quaketastic but don't see it there? Maybe waiting for approval or something? 
Your Upload Must Have Failed 
I did not receive any notification of an upload, which means something didn't work. Please try again. 
Tried a couple more times, no dice. It gets to 100% uploaded, then it auto-refreshes the page, but file not there. *shrug* I dunno. This is using Chrome on OS X. 
Just Tested It 
with latest Chrome on latest OS X, works fine for me. Sorry. Try it with Safari maybe? 
Nope, still no luck... I'll leave it to someone else. 
Here's some links to keep the files alive. First is the last "official" release (version 1.0.5) and the second is the source code dump I had posted above which may or may not have new stuff in it. 
Quaketastic Links 
Version 1.0.5:

Source: qe3src_dump_8-4-11.rar 
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