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ToeTag 2.0 + Source Code
Have you ever wanted to write your own Quake editor or maybe some Quake utilities but weren't sure how the math or the file formats worked? Wonder no more! I've released the latest version of the ToeTag editor today - complete with source code!

I'll be including the source code as a separate download for every version going forward.

ToeTag is a native application that runs on OSX Leopard or higher, is written in Objective-C, and uses the Cocoa framework.

Grab the editor (and the source code) here:
First One To Make A Windows Port Gets A Hug 
Linux Will Be Easier, So Screw Windows And Get Two Hugs Instead 
The only stuff that's really Mac specific is the UI - the core code (math, brushes, etc) should be easily portable. Assuming you can compile Objective-C. :P 
<-- Favorita Amiga 
I downloaded this and tried to install it but I couldn't figure out how to run the installer so I'm just going to go back to whatever research project hell I climbed out of. 
Installer? It's a ZIP file with an APP bundle inside. 
Omg RPG Lives! 
RPG: Bees? 
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