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Found Quake 3 Arena Editor, Problem
I have found a quake 3 arena edditor on the id software site. Problem is im running vista, and keep getting windows errors, also having trouble implementing new textures and saving existing file. Anyone know of some quick fixes or edditing tools to make the editor work properly? for a coppy from id type q3radiant.exe in the serch.
As it said on the page you used to submit a thread, please post this sort of inquiry in the "Mapping Help" thread. We are a friendly bunch if you respect our guidelines. 
A Few Things That Might Help 
- Disable visual styles for the program.
- Uncheck the "use win32 file dialog" in the options.
- Manually add the .map extension to the file name when you save.

If I do the above GtkRadiant works for me under Vista, hopefully you can get yours working too. 
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