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The Hows And Whys Of Level Design SE Released
Hourences, who is a very well-known mapper in the Unreal community and who has done a fair bit of commercial work has released the second edition of his book titled "The Hows and Whys of Level Design".

Read more here:
Book cover here:
Order the book here:

Print: 20.95� / ~30$
PDF: 13.75� / ~19.50$
yay for completely random use of javascript image popups...
Is there a preview PDF hidden somewhere? (Without Flash.)

Does anyone here have it? Is it good? 
What's wrong with Javascript and minor use of Flash? If your browser doesn't support either, your should upgrade it, because even my mobile phone displays that page without any issues. 
read about XSS :) 
KungFuSquirrel Was Quoted In This And I Wasn't 
this was when he sat in the cubicle next to me, too :( 
I did not mean to start this discussion, but Javascript is a dangerous thing and it's not a good idea to have it globally enabled. And then it is always an (tiny) effort to enable it for one site. And that effort feels very stupid if all the javascript does is open a new window with a picture in it (opening a new window is bad enough, but target="_blank" anyone?). :)

Flash crashed my browser(s) several times per day so I decided to ditch it. I don't know if it is "minor use" here as all I know is that some preview is hidden in it. :( 
If it keeps crashing your browser, then you need to either upgrade that or your flash plugin. I haven't had any issues with Flash whatsoever on either Windows Vista 64bit with both IE7 and Firefox3 as well as my Nokia N95 phone, all of them play flash content without any crashes or slowdowns whatsoever, so the problem is not in Flash, it's quite clearly in your installation.

What exacty is "dangerous" about Javascript? 
Well, sue me, I am using Linux. seems a decent starting point. 
The page you linked does a pretty good job of describing how Javascript security issues are browser bugs and not actually problems with Javascript itself... 
It's still Javascript that screws you in the end. XSS is a website security problem, but for you it is Javascript that does the harm. 
If We Go This Route 
we might as well all start using text-only browsing in Lynx, considering both Firefox and IE have had exploits where simply loading a page with a malicious Jpg/Png file would lead to execution of arbitrary code on your system. 
I had to use a bit of script to get IE to load png files properly, so that the transparency worked properly.....

sometimes you cant avoid the stuff. 
Hey, Remember That Time? 
when that book, like, came out?

did anyone buy it? 
I'm planning to purchase. His lighting and DM Layout guides were helpful and informative, so I'd expect the rest to be the same. 
Actually I've got this on my bookshelf. The regular version. Honestly, I think it was money very well spent.

Besides loads of good information on level design in general, the most help for me was that I started really thinking about my maps, my motivations and decisions of each different part, and how they work together as a whole. I still keep the book around as reference while I'm mapping, especially the parts on lighting.

It's informative, it's suited for all level designers, even though the examples happen to mostly use the Unreal engine, it's well laid out with good (well, illustrative) pictures. Definitely recommended. Oh, and get the print version, much more nice to lug around. 
And Blitz Was Interviewed For It 
So it's a must read. 
Oh What? 
I'm writing my own fucking book. 
me too 
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