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Q3 Map Mystic Gemini
I have finished my latest Q3 CTF map called 'Mystic Gemini'.
Have fun with it! :)

A screenshot to wet your appetite:

More Information / Download Link:

The map is designed for a high end (modern) PC, so don't expect something that is designed for the original Q3 spec.

Superb Layout 
As your other q3 maps the design is fantastic.

I hope to try it with real players soon, it looks really enjoyable! 
i only have Q3 not ctf mod but looks very good with a nice layout from shoot. 
oboy oboy! 
q3 ctf mod? 
Haven't tried it yet, going to during lunch break!

The shots look really nice, and the whole kind of making-of you posted on your site is very interesting.

You rock. 
It plays perfectly with bots (which I love to play). Thanks! 
looks great!

any chance of a dm map from part of this :) 
If anyone tries this against humans, please let me know. I am curious to hear your experience.

nitin: I will be releasing all the source files in a couple of days, so maybe someone else will find it useful. I want to do something else, I have spent the last 6 months working on it.

Great Map! 
The design an the details are really wondeful. :)

Is this textureset available? I'm thinking about to create a proball/ctf map in temple-style. And your textures fit very good in my concept.

The light/shadow combination is a little bit hard for my eyes and I don't like the ramp-clips on the stairs. It creates a annoying movement when you left the last top step and lose ground control for a moment.

It's a little bit easy to make a capture within 3 seconds with a simple rocketjump: 
Texture Set 
There was never really an official texture pack because all the assets were released with Pyramid of the Magician. There is a link on my site to all the photoshop source files as well, if you want to tweak any of them.

The lighting was made more dramatic because a lot of people said PoM was too flat, so I tried to create something more moody and contrasted. I will be releasing all the source files for Mystic Gemini tonight and that will contain all the editor stuff as well.

The RJ thing from base to base has caught me by surprise and is a shame because it has made the release of the map a disappointment to me. Next time I will pester more people for testing and try to remove as many of these bugs as possible. 
What kinda photoshop source?

Don't really have any intention of using them, but given I spend more time in PS than an editor these days I'd be curious to see how you made them, but that's fairly useless if they're all fairly merged already. (Yes I could d/l and see, but I'm a busy man ;)

As for the map, don't have Q3 installed anymore, so can't really comment, but based on the screens it looks sick sock (sack?), nice continuation of your tetonic style... 
Note to self; say 'fairly' less 
Grindy You Are Indeed A Lazy Man! 
The photoshop files are broken down into layers otherwise it would be worthless downloading them, might as well just look at the original TGAs.

The download is 50Mb and contains a combination of psd and psp (PaintShopPro) files. I am sure they are far from a perfect example of what to do with Photoshop but they worked for me at the time. The link is on my site, I am sure you can find it! :P

Not sure what a tetonic style is ... any clues? Only found this: 
OK, wait a seck. Sock's sick map doesnt suck so he wont get the sack

(kill me) 
resembling or in the manner of a quake (map) 
No, I meant like the Egyptian god ofc, I don't know, some people...

Yeh, ok, I can't spell. I meant mixing rocks with buildings, I'm just really, really pretentious 
Apparently Tet isn't actually an egyptian god...

Maybe I got it from Discworld. Anyone know what the fuck I'm thinking of? (How's that for laziness ;) 
Anyone know what the fuck I'm thinking of? (How's that for laziness ;)

Haha thats awesome :D 
The Tet Offensive? 
this map isn't very offensive though 
Dear Sock 
You sir are a real mapper. The general, nice upbeat attitude and graciousness on your site explaining this map and giving thanks to those who helped you, showing that you really map for the love of mapping, and helping everyone else who may need to solve the same issues you have.

Sock, I raise my glass to you. Please keep mapping! I promise to play this soon! 
Sauce Mystic 
Lun, hurry up and finish your Q3 map! :)
Hey scampie, thanks :)

Here is link to the source files for all the different map versions and editor textures used. I am sure there is something really silly in one of the map versions but hopefully these files will help someone see something useful.

10.2Mb download (my own website, no queues)

I am off on holiday for a couple of weeks to eat pizza, pasta and driver scooters!
Played It 
2v2, it was a blast!

We have played it without performing the trick rocket jump and we had really a good time.

Next time I'll record something maybe 
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