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August At ..::LvL
August at ..::LvL is a mixed bag of tricks. This update includes a map pack by the team behind "James Bond - The World is Not Enough" (yes, it is a few years old now). The pack contains 13 maps, with a focus on fast gameplay and space maps.

* rush to the disco by acid - CPM/DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-5 player
* Darkness Awaits by Twisted - DM/Tourney 2-3 player
* EADM Maps by Various - Space/DM/Tourney/CTF 2-8 player
* Soap on a Rope by cuirass - CPM/CTF 4-10 player
* brickyard by NaturalSpringWater - DM/CTF 2-6 player

New with this update are 'information icons'. These small icons are a visual representation for certain features of a level. Mouse over them for their meaning.

30 second videos for the first 3 levels and 360 degree panoramas for all 5 are available.

..::LvL -
Thank you Tig, really interesting stuff!
Gonna try them this week end. 
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