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Remix Quake Mapping Challenge Pack Released
After an unusually short delay for a mapping pack, finally here it is! In one short sentence: Quake Maps remade/remixed in one way or another.

Drool over the screenshots:

Grab the pack:

Get a headache watching the source files:

-Take care of your body fluids (top AND bottom ones).
-Fribbles, you might want to quicksave a lot!
-Willem's map is balanced as it would be played after the other e3 maps.
-You could put the maps into id1/maps/ if you want. But then you cannot use the fancy-schmancy start map (do not put that into id1/maps/...).

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As An Official Judge Of This Remix Mapping Challenge Event... 
I hereby judge this to be the first post! 
Mine: Ugly duckling, but I am very proud to have finished it.

e3m4 Willem: Very promising. A shame he got overloaded by work.

e3m5 speedy: Awesome mountain feeling, love the texture set. A bit confusing at times but nonetheless a worthy remix.

e4m1 rickyt23: Wow, that really is like Quake generation 2. Loved the biosuit cages. Amazing visuals and nice gameplay.

e4m7 zwiffle: Those gore-damaged-wall look great. Quite hard. I need to play this again, either I missed half of the level or it was reduced or my memory is bad. Ridiculous finale, haha.

If I had to rate them, Speedy and RickyT23 would split to top position for sure. Perfect quality maps. 
Awesome, Guys! 
I really enjoyed all of the maps. Kind of hard to describe - they felt like proper visual (and more) remakes, but still kept the old vibe for the most part. Good work, especially concerning the limit amount of time (cough). Here are my skill 2 first run demos: (e4m1rmx is skill 1 - I didn't realize the setting had changed)

If I was to rate them, it'd probably look like this:
1. e4m1rmx
2. e4m7rmx
3. e3m5rmx
4. e3m4rmx
5. e2m1rmx

Ricky: Great style and construction. The textures and colored lighting fit the map well. Texture work is generally good, too, apart from a few bits. I liked the lasers and the (respawning) enviro suit closets. Found only one secret.. by accident. I also died once in the demo (the only time I died when playing these maps, and also the only map I played on skill 1, go figure), though mostly because I didn't remember how the original map was.

Zwiffle: Blue bricks and red bloody bones fit well together. I would have loved to see a nicely interwoven red brick section, as well. What I liked most about this map was that it retained all the oldschoolness the original one had, yet shifted its theme to another level. Gameplay was good, though I missed at least one or two classic moments. There're some misaligned textures and stuff, but that rather reinforced the oldschool flair. The ending could have had more beef and details - where was the rune, btw.?

Speedy: Nice style (totally obvious why you chose this map) and proper architecture to support the impression of a large and arcane windtunnel fortress of unknown origin. Brushwork was good, though texture alignment could have been better in places. There were numerous familiar and new areas which worked well together. The skybox could've been darker and more corresponding to the dark rock texture. Gameplay was very hard, I was constantly low on health and there were countless near-death situations, because of a serious lack of ammo and medkits. You would've quit and ranted not even half-way through the map, wouldn't you? ;)

Willem: Most traditional map of the pack - it was obvious you used the original map source for as a base. Still, it looks like a proper polish-up of the old map. There're some badly aligned textures and all, but that's okay as it conveys the same kind of oldschoolness Zwiffle's map has. Not sure how to evaluate the weapon balance - despite having read the text file, I only later realized one had to cheat to get the weapons for the map was faithful to the original entity-set. Some noticable changes, like an additional monster here and there, wouldn't have hurt. Looks good enough to make up for it.

Spirit: Most remixy map of the pack. I appreciated the approach, and it works well thematically. Too bad some areas were missing. Overall, it looked okay, but it definitely would have benefitted from more detail. Some areas were even quite ugly (though fortunately mostly dark enough so they were not that salient). Some sloppy brushwork and misaligned textures, too. 
Dear God 
just a glimpse of these shots, i need to get a connection at home again... 
Mirrored From Rmx Thread 
e4m1rmx (ricky)
Best architecture, hardest. Respawning biosuits were clever and added some tension, but it was a pain getting caught without one. Bonus points for lasers. first run demo:

Easiest, neatest exit. Fun secrets. Looks like it was built by a reviewer. :) first run demo:

e4m7rmx (zwiffle)
Cool architectural set pieces and details but visually unconnected - the sea of blue brick between them looked blank. Most vicious, flying vore circus wtf. I somehow bypassed 20 monsters in this map. first and second run demos:

Willem's map (willem)
Um, most faithful to the original? Hard to say as he didn't really get very far.

Speedy's map:
Great expansions while retaining the iconic areas and flow of the map. Plays like what the Wind Tunnels would have turned out to be like if you played it and then described it to another mapper who never saw it himself. A very clever and creative mapper. Very hard, but only infuriating sometimes. Having to bob in the water and axe an ogre to death by chopping him in the toes was a bit silly. 
What A Month 
it's been a feasting for every quake sp lover! 
Awesome Pack 
Had most problems with spd's. Satan's Delight RMX was decent for a touch up of the original. Thought Ricky's was best over all, but they were all winners in spirit! 
Fkn Sweet 
Speedy: Awesome mate, just awesome. The first part of this map with the vertical outdoors-ness reminded me of Numb Nimbus, but with the potential of being even better. Unfortunately the windtunnel textures indoors get a little drab after a while, but it was still great. Tough level too.

Ricky: This looked awesome with the new textures. Layout was all pretty similar, but much better gameplay and detail.

Zwiffle: I really didn't like Azure Agony in Quake, it was a series of ugly maze corridors. Your level really, really, improved it. But IMO it's such an ugly blue brick texture. I would loved to have seen this map in a better texture set.

Willem: Felt like I was playing the original, to be honest. Nice additional details put in, but I think i'd have to go back to the original to really notice the difference in detail. I played this one after Zwiffle's, so had plenty of ammo to go with. Not sure how one would do this as standalone.

Spirit: I didn't look at the filename so it was a while before I realised what map this was. Nice to see base done as metal! 
how come the version in this pack (9 june) is older than one that was otherwise released earlier (which has a bsp of 16 june)?

and what are the differences? 
Yes - it appears that this is a marginally inferior version of the ACTUALL map. And if you watch Negke's demo, there is a part where he gets stuck and doesn't know where to go...

I do believe that I added a couple of guiding arrows.

It was such a long time ago that I cant remember, and will have to check when I get home from work. :|

Anyway, I'm glad you guys seem to be enjoying it :P

Of the other maps I have so far tried:

Zwiffle - Love this map, good gameplay, quite hard of skill 3 due to the shambler ambush, and as a result I have yet to pass ths area. (the RA area that is)
Fantastic details with the collapsing walls revealing the boney center. Also plents of sneaky traps. Love the Ogre seige.

Speeds - Very nice indeed, quite tough on skill 3, hectic gameplay. The outside area is a very impressive size, and the skybox fits perfectly. I love the way you make the best of Quake's textures!

I suppose I'm supposed to criticise maps, but cant.

I will however post my best skill 3 demos once I've tried all of the maps, but I'm at the orofice ATM, so cant do ANYTHING!!!

Lunaran or Nitin - Do you guys have a copy of the one I posted on the Shub-Hub on the 16th handy? If so could you mail it to me, and I'll post up somewhere. I think there is only one difference, but Neg's demo shows the importance of it.

(I really hope I did put arrows in now, but I cant quite remember) :P

If you have a newer/better version of the map, re-package it into the zip. I haven't even downloaded them yet... :)

I'm sure nobody will mind downloading it again. 
Not sure what happened there but here is the right one:
Link will be dead as soon as speedy fixed the pack. :) 
Now I Just Hope Those Guiding Arrows Are Actually There..... 
Thanks a lot Spirit :) 
Oh Well 
I only got stuck because I didn't see the button for deactivating the lasers at first. Or was there another occasion, too? 
When You Died :P 
Oh, That. 
Yes, I guess an arrow would have been good there. Or at least some light to give a cue. 
e4m1rmx - I think this one turned out the best both visually and in keeping with the original. Probably the mapper made things easy for themselves by choosing a base map (nothing wrong with that). Intrigued how the respawning biosuits work, but one of them didn't (intentional?).

e4m1rmx - looks of this one were my second favorite, though it could have used better lighting effects, shadows etc. I don't think the blue brick textures are always ugly, but without careful usage they can look very washed out. The gameplay was nicely balanced for the starting weapons but might be too easy for the last map in an episode. I didn't like how the level overall was downscaled from the original with certain parts missing or smaller, but at least the detailing was excellent.

e2m1rmx - A worthy and imaginative map, but unfortunately I could never have guessed what it was based on because neither the theme or the layout made reminded me very much. The start almost seems like it was going to be e2m2rmx. The message spam and secrets were fun.

e3m4rmx - I can see how the author was going to do more with this map before releasing hinted at in the readme, because while parts of it have new and interesting architecture the others looks very much like the original. Some of the best parts seem to be hidden in secrets and I had to use noclip to get to them. One problem with using the id sources as a base (it very much looks like they were) is that the map can seem quite small and cramped compared to the original if you just redo the architecture and not touch the basic layout. Some of the textures in the map also havn't aged well and look very pixellated, maybe could do with finding a similar looking but newer set.

e3m5rmx - A nice and polished release, it didn't remind me so much of the wind tunnels but made me think it was part of the same facility. Would have liked to see more detailing, lots of smaller pipes and valves running everywhere etc. As with e3m4rmx, updated textures would also have helped. This map probably had the best gameplay out of all of them. 
Intrigued how the respawning biosuits work, but one of them didn't (intentional?).

Hmmm - this may well have been fixed too!

Thanks :) 
Ricky: Fixed 
Error In Fruitz Of Dojo's GLQUake. 
E4M1RMX crashes everytime you get in the next to last room, right after the message "Now you're trapped inside!".

Something related to a wrong teleport target or something like that... Must be one fo the enforcers teleporting in... If anyone's interested, I can post the error message... 
Works Fine In Fitzquake, Tho'.... 
OK - Here's A Challenge!

Here is my spoilers demo!
It should work in Fitzquake, but if you downloaded the 9th (?) June version it might not work. Also Negke's demo will possibly require the old version to be viewed too...

This was the final version of the map.

Anyhoo there's 108/109 kills 5/5 secrets in less than 5 minutes. Sielwolf? Any takers? No?

Ah well... 
not playing much atm.

Great to see so many releases during the Expo btw :-) 
Finished Playing. 
Listed in order of what I feel is the winner in terms of fun value.

Spirit's Map: Good, aside from a few niggling things, it's not horribly ugly, nor horribly hard. Captures the feel of Quake.

RickyT23's Map: Outstanding architecture, couldn't finish it though because of teleport target problem at the end of the level...

Zwiffle's Map: Good, too much trim / detail on the walls for my taste though.

spd's Map: He makes no mistakes, but somehow I can't help but feel this map was needlessly spacious and difficult. Didn't have all that much fun with this one. :/

willem's Map: Not going to rate this one, because it doesn't feel finished, and is mostly just a eyecandied version of the original... 
A few times now, great pack.

A few general comments:

Spirit's - a bit plain, but didn't really suffer for it. Comepletey reinvented the theme.

Zwiffle's - The blue got a bit annoying, but the gameplay was spot on.

Speed's - Again, the brown was a bit repetative. I gave up on the pack originally, unable to beat this map because I tried playing it first, and therefore had no weapons, and missed the grenade launcher in the pool.

Willem's - Did the job, could have used some more work on some areas that were left original.

RickyT23's - Pick of the pack for me. Glad you didn't follow my stupid advice and make the slime water - the respawning biosuits are a much better solution.

The start map was functional. A way to skip having to reselect the skill would have been good (for NM) and maybe a visual change at the start as well - I thought I hadn't copied the maps at first.

Interesting to see how others are approaching remakes, aside from than's impressive rework. 
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