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September At ..::LvL
The goods are up for this month at ..::LvL. There are number of great releases, Grease Lightning from headrot and Mystic Gemini by Sock (and Mr. Lake) are far from the only ones worth grabbing.

* Grease Lightning by headrot (CPM/DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
* Mystic Gemini by Sock / Mr. Lake (CTF 4-8 player, 20 Sep 2008)
* The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended by sst13 (CTF/Team Arena 6-10 player)
* Thunderlipps - A New Beginning by Killumall (DM 4-10 players)
* Map for Rota by E=mc2 (DM 4-8 players)
* Lifeline by Mikko Sandt (DM/TeamDM 4-12 player)

30 second videos and 360 degree panoramas for all releases are available.

..::LvL -
..::LvL is always a great place to visit. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping this institution going.

Btw, are the recent download a selcetion of recently downloaded levels or is it really the most recently downloaded? If so, f**king hell, how many downloads do you still have per day? 
Oh, the previous post is addressed at Tigger-oN, of course! 
Mr. Creutzenberg 
please make more Doom3 maps. Thanks.

Tigger-oN: nice update, gotta reinstall Q3 sometimes...since several months, used to be the first game on a new windows install. 
The Downloads 
The 'Recent downloads' is a list of the most recent downloads :] Basically, as a download link is established, the list is updated. So, it is as close to a 'real time' list of downloads as you can get. 
please make more Doom3 maps. Thanks.

I'm sorry, I don't think I will. But I'm working on a Q3A map at the moment ;)

@Tigger-oN: Thanks for the info! 
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