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Making A Monster Spawn With A Button?
hey, im making a map to help me test my qc codes, basically i need to be able to press a button and spawn a monster. i know in a old half-life mod it was possible, press button then monster spawns. how do i do it?
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in mapping help, but alright.

You don't need qc for that.
Make a new map, make a small box of 128 x128 x128 in it.
Inside this box create a trigger teleport.(don't let it touch the box walls)
Add a teleport destination outside the small box.
Create a func_button that triggers the teleporter.
Set a monster inside the small box, flash the trigger and your monster spawns. 
thanks , thats what i needed, will the monster respawn again if i press the button a 2nd time?

"also i know i dont need qc for it" i need the map to test my qc. 
Post In Coding Help Next Time. 
No Update 
The tutorial shows how to do it without teleporting - faking it with qc. You then just give the monster a name and call that from the button.

Monsters can only spawn once. 
see custents.mod for the
there's a act.qc in it that might help you 
where can i find this custents.mod? 
dynamic spawn demo
multiple spawn. 
seems like what i need, can i find it on quake terminus or some place? 
Thanks :D sorry i figured all this was possible through mapping as it was in half-life like i said... im new to modding quake and even newer to Coding/qc thanks guys :D 
um download links seem to be dead. 
found it here to anyone who's interested. 
iv been having issues getting the mod to compile correctly into my mod... "which is basic quake atm"

do i have to install everything it has, or can i install parts? 
as far a I can see you put all in a subdir under quake.
keep the progs.dat inside that directory and play it
quake -game subdir +map start

For compiling keep your own compile dir and progs.dat and hustle between the qc files, see if they don't compile an error.log.

I take the custent file to compile and add my own to it,
more the easiest way.

the general.html can help you. 
ok, hehe ill try some of that, because i only need some of the features that are available there not all. 
one more question :/ an fgd which lets me use these when making maps? where do i get it? 
Write one ;)

Open it as a text file, it's not that difficult.

I can't remember if custents has docs for the stuff or not.

Or else you can just input the names etc. manually in WC - they still exist even if they're not in the fgd. 
yea, but i dont know all of the "perams" i guess you would say, i know how to add an entitie but i dont know how to give it all of the special things that tell it what to do. 
i guess i could open up the .maps and see if i can take it out of them . 
nope that dont work. 
i opened the map with a text editor i might be able to do it that way :D 
it doesnt help -.-

i know im going to have to make a new point class...

but, i cant seem to figure out what i need to put to make it work...

i tried adding multi spawn one as a flag... but, that didnt work... just screwd up my monster entities in the editor... 
so far this is what i got....

@PointClass(targetname) = func_spawn : "dynamic Spawn"
wait(integer) : "Delay before reset"
which, that is all wrong, but i looked up some info and this is how it should look... and its not working... it doesnt even show up in the entitie list...

@PointClass(Targetname) = func_spawn : "func_spawn"
i fixed it :D i was wrong looks like this

@PointClass base(Targetname) = func_spawn : "func_spawn"
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