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Making A Monster Spawn With A Button?
hey, im making a map to help me test my qc codes, basically i need to be able to press a button and spawn a monster. i know in a old half-life mod it was possible, press button then monster spawns. how do i do it?
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in mapping help, but alright.

You don't need qc for that.
Make a new map, make a small box of 128 x128 x128 in it.
Inside this box create a trigger teleport.(don't let it touch the box walls)
Add a teleport destination outside the small box.
Create a func_button that triggers the teleporter.
Set a monster inside the small box, flash the trigger and your monster spawns. 
thanks , thats what i needed, will the monster respawn again if i press the button a 2nd time?

"also i know i dont need qc for it" i need the map to test my qc. 
Post In Coding Help Next Time. 
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The tutorial shows how to do it without teleporting - faking it with qc. You then just give the monster a name and call that from the button.

Monsters can only spawn once. 
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