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This is a thread about a project currently underway to remake Quake one.

It involves upgrading what exists already in order to play and look better or at least differently in all probable situations and enhance what is already there in this great game.

So we're remixing all the maps, monsters, and the player.

A specific engine in order to solve long-standing issues isn't out of the question, the main concerns being cross-OS support for features that should be common, like entity alpha and multiplayer. These things exist in various forms, but there's still no standard, at least today.

There's a great wealth of resource on this board - the one thing that doesn't exist here is apathy.

So, we're fishing for contributors. If you can make a map, animate or code and want to see this monster through to its conception then you're on the team.

Over the next few days I'll post info on what currently exists, and where it's headed.
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Ive been away for a week and am just on my way back now. I hope to have multiple betas ready for this xmas deadline. As for BSP2 its functional for now, releasing a test version is fine by me.

Will try and get you a version tonight. 
Anyone else want a look at the tools?

I'm reluctant to post them officially for now, but a couple of betatesters would help, in preparation for the xmas deadline. 
The Y-Axis for rotation appears to be reversed in RMQe?

ie: in all engines except RMQe, an increase in .angles_y yields a clockwise motion when looking up whereas the same in RMQe produces a counterclockwise motion.
or am I hallucinating? 
No You're Not :P 
iirc someone on the rmq team said they were aware of it. 
oh never mind, it's fixed in the new version.
also, dynamic lights work on bmodels that have moved off the origin, awesome! 
Dynamic Lights Work On Bmodels That Have Moved Off The Origin 
That was a small-ish thing that was easy to do and I felt it was important enough to get right. It ended up as maybe 5 lines of code, and should probably be tutorialized for I3D sometime. 
Please Do 
is vectoangles() somehow returning lower precision angles than the rest of the engine? seems like when i use that, i get the old style jerky movement. 
Shouldn't be, nothing specific changed in relation to it. 
ok, i'll look into it more then. for some reason, one of my rotaters looks like it's not benefiting from the new angles precision while other rotaters are and only in RMQe. 
That's odd. If you're happy to send me a test map I can look into it engine-side too. 
not to be a dork, but are you sure vectoangles is returning higher precision angles?
a quick bprint of angles from a vectoangles call shows that rmqe is rounding them to the nearest whole number (like QS does) while DP/QBism is returning decimals. 
Not To Be A Dork, But.... 
You're actually right, it is casting them to int. That's original code too - why on earth was it originally done that way? Nasty; OK, going on the "fix list" immediately. 
Crossposting Just Fyi 
RMQe, like QS and FQ doesn't seem to flush sound names between maps.

If you load up one map with many sounds and then load up another map with many sounds, the engine will crash with "S_FindName: out of sfx_t"

just in case you miss this in the other thread. :) 
So some people were asking for an archive of all the RMQ stuff.

Here it is:

I didn't post this before because I forgot it still existed :/

It contains most of the latest stuff - we did migrate, but the majority of the work should remain intact on Icculus.

Maybe it can be of use to someone. 
who wanted to send you an email on the right adress for instance. 
I forgot this backup existed until Negke forwarded me a tweet by Eric. 
Check out some of the maps (complete with source, bsp lit etc).

Rj did some amazing stuff, digs has a massive industrial complex but without gameplay, Ricky had something similar, the DM maps are pretty complete (including a DM9 rebuild) and there's a tonne of other stuff to chew on.

Plenty of scraps as well. 
Armor Shard Models 
I've been searching for some RMQ credits for a while.

I need to know who made the armor shard models for credit. There are a few. Interested in the little coffin looking one with the Q and the green one with rivets. 
thank you! 
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