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Compiling Quake On (free) Visual C++ Express
There are some talented people who read threads here, some of which have the right combination of mental toughness, anal retentiveness and logical thinking to get into engine modification.

There is an easy (even Trinca could do it) tutorial on compiling Quake at this thread:

To compile, you download the project file:

And press F7. That's it.

You need Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition, which is free:

Even though Quake is a mature game, no one has a monopoly on great ideas and even if that were the case, no one has unlimited time -- like where's FitzQuake 0.85, dammit.

There is always more room for engine developers in Quake. Otherwise, there wouldn't be things like Sleeperwalker's FitzQuake SDL or the interpolation patch Preach made.

You won't be an instant expert, but it is a worthy journey.

There are even some tutorials -- most of which work! -- at Inside3d:

And yes I'm pimping a little, but Quake needs more engine coders the same way new QuakeC developers and new mappers are always needed.

Not for the timid, engine coding can be an exercise in extreme frustration at times.

If the force is strong with you, check it. If not, please continue killing time on the internet and forget you read this thread. ;)
There Is Thread Dedicated To Engines 
There is an easy (even Trinca could do it) tutorial on compiling Quake at this thread:

Heheh, naw. 
then go make a server client for netquake that work as good as qw client!!!

netquake server´┐Żs for coop just dont exist in netquake!!! 
If you mean what I think you do, zquake can host "normal" progs.dat (netquake) as QW server. That's what I had on my coop server during QExpo to play eg czg07 via QW. 
for QDQ speedruns should be a more stable...

thks anyway Spirit 
I don't know if this is in the latest official release, but Tonik told me he added NQ compatibility from ZQuake into ezQuake -- so either this in there now or in one of the betas.

Doesn't solve all problems today, maybe sometime we'll see every Quake with DarkPlaces protocol 7 compatibility or something. 
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