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Q1SP: The Doom Hangar
Small Quake level of the Hangar, introducing the ZDoomGl models.
It is more a level to expose the new models as it is to show a new mapping skill. First I made it quiet large, and I'm still going on, but the main reason was the new Doom monsters.

They are not perfekt , some have vertice meshes, and the texture thing is still undone. Fitzquake will give the doom glow palette, Gl-engines will do otherwise.

So not a big level deal, but a new monster pak. More magic monsters, like archville, cacodemon, etc.


download (7zip):
download (zip):

Have fun with it!
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Another Idea 
Make it black and invert the normals, so you only see the back faces.

Or there's alpha. 
I was just surprised. I'd never mannaged to get a sprite moving so I was intrigued.
Still I think it is possible when using the right colours. Only strange to see it from death stage as it turns to the same angle.

I've been deleting triangles, but it is almost impossible to make it out of sight. And alpha channel is such a hack.
Then I would go for the unvissible option by using really small objects to creat an empty bouncing box and add an EF_DIMLIGHT.

That's a fine mod, that ypod. Must say the levels are really inspiring! The monsters self are a catch, but given the time they made it not bad at all. Strange to see the the soldiers freeze when they die.
But the hub and the weapons were really convincing. And seeing what they obtained it somewhere slows down my motivation. 
Madfox Nobrights.pal 
Wally uses the same palette format as PaintShop. If you don't have that .pal its here

Open it with Notepad and replace the last 32 colors with:

0 0 0

...and save it as:


Go to Wally Options and enter the nobrights.pal
for 'Quake1' 'use this palette' and 'Color Selection Palette'. Click Apply - OK. Restart and load a wad or 24 bit bmp. 
Replace each of the last 32 colors with:

0 0 0

so there are still 256 colors... 
for the hint, robot.
I couldn't reach the link, but I can export it from PaintShop.
I'll see what it does. 
Quake Pal 
I can use the colour extraction from PaintShop to indicate the fullbrights into the normal colours from quake. The sight of the monsters become somewhat flat, but it is more easy to recolour the skin files once they're into a more uniform colour.

I tried to import the YPOD monsters into Qmle and they all had the ugly crushed palette. 
yeah, meant to mention that before and it must have slipped my mind.

ypod uses a completely different colour palette than quake. this is how they got all the doom textures and monster skins to look close to the originals.

i don't know how to change the quake palette. 
Texture Query 
Malice and the X-men mod (I think) used different palettes, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do.

For complete overkill, though, couldn't you convert the original Doom textures to 24-bit TGAs and put them in the ID1\textures directory? 
Make Some Of Those Normalmaps 
and all the other _maps what Lun used to talk about, then run in Darkplaces :D 
you can edit palette.lmp ... this is a 768-byte raw file (not a normal lmp format) which has 3 bytes each for 256 textures. It determines the palette used to load all 8-bit artwork. 
Don't forget colormap.lmp. This is the file of precomputed colours used by winquake(but not glquake) to display the correct colour for each light level. This is also what controls the fullbrightness of each colour - the 32 fullbrights simply have the same colour for all light levels. So in theory you could create fewer or more fullbrights by manipulating this file correctly. However, hardware accellerated engines would do fullbrights on the usual colours so it might not be a good idea... 
Some Texture Converting Info 
This chopshop page from the past explains how to modify the Quake palette. 
I use the nobrights.pal initially when making a wad in Wally, then import photos and scans. Then I'll save the wad and reopen it using Wally's standard Quake1 palette, and modify anything that needs fullbrights. This works best when Wally's Options are set with 'Palette Conversion' use 'Nearest Color'.

Maybe the same technique would work well in PhotoShop when making monster skins. Seems like an extra hassle but there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. At least a map level can be made where 40 to 50 monsters can be fought at one time, in one area, without a hic-up in framerates. So this stuff still rules. 
Evil Fullbrights

The file has a Doom texture wad. I've already removed fullbrights. Use anything in there that helps.
Nice mod!!!

Nice Map 
Surprised by the way the harnash lesds to the outside! I made another doom hangar, but this one really looks good. Also the fullbrights are nicely dimmed, only he blizzard outside looks a bit dark. Overall was good lightned.

Where did you track this map, there's no wrong brush spotted, all integer, well done! 
Small Concern 
I am trying to get the Doom Guy in a crouch scene, but there's something I can't understand in #17.

If I make the model 32 units lower than the original the model appears half in the ground.
Also I can't compare with rising the frames in Qmle again because the bouncing box will also rise.

All I can think of is making the crouch frames smaller, but then again; how low does the player shoot? On 32 units height? 48? 
player's eye level is 22 above the player origin, which is 32 above the floor, so that is 54 units. I believe the bullets originate at the eye level. 
Bouncing Box 
That is a low point for a bouncing box.
I think when I seize the model to 32 it still will hit.
Maybe there's a way to shield off the attack scene with qc. 
Full Brights 
Finally I managed a way to get rid of the full brights. It took quiet some time before I realized how to manage this. After resizing the skinfiles so they were divided by 16 I could import them into a wad.
Then in Texmex make them fullbright and delete them.

Still some monsters have a strange red shape, also the skin tex is flattened. But most fullbrights are deleted now.

Still I wonder how to get the Doom Guy in a crouch scene. If I lower the bouncing box the model also sinks in the ground (?!) 
i've found a (possibly better way) of removing full brights.

i've been doing some skinning and texture work lately for quake, and dealing with the palette kinda sucks especially because things like texmex don't have great conversion.

the solution is (amusingly) pretty simple. get one of those palette textures that has every colour of the quake palette and load it in photoshop. now, simply remove the first two rows (at the top) of colour boxes because those are the fullbright ones.
convert to index from rgb (or if it's already in index, convert to rgb then back to index) and choose 'exact'. now, you can open up the colour table and save the new palette. this way you can use photoshop's nicer dithering choices.

this also works in reverse. say you are converting an explosion sprite. do the above, but instead delete everything except the second from-the-top row (these are the full bright colours used for flames and such) and do your index conversion with dithering. you'll get a decent conversion with only those fullbrights.

this might be a well known thing for you guys who do textures a lot, but it's saved me a ton of time since i figured it out. 
Is now my final stage for a model, basically just to set the correct flags. But one feature it does have is colour replace - you can replace all instances of any given colour in a model for another.

Goodbye fullbrights - which are the bottom two rows in this zany old software. 
Should Be Bottom Two Rows In Most Software... 
since they are color indices 224-255 
Photoshop Tends To Flip Out 
and display the palette backwards, going from 255-0. 
the .tga file i have of the quake palette has the vertical flipped, i believe. anyway, you can easily figure out which rows are the fullbrights because it's pretty evident. :) 
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