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..::LvL - Back To Work
Ahh.. the new year at ..::LvL. 5 levels and a collections of skies awaits you. I had a lot of fun on 4 of the maps in this update and mappers should find the skybox collection a great help.

* Blood Run tribute by Obsessed - DM/Tourney 2-6 player
* Capture the Karin by Rota - CTF 4-8 player
* CUBEdotMAP by DaEngineer - DM/Tourney 2-4 player
* pictish_ruins by Bret C. Sheppard - DM/Tourney 2-5 player
* bloodsky by NaturalSpringWater - DM / Instagib 3-7 player
* Quake 3 Arena skybox collection by Various - Skyboxes

30 second videos for the maps and 360 degree panoramas for all releases are available.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

..::LvL -
Rota's Map 
looks ace as usual. I wonder if the snow kills the fps though? 
Haha Awesome! 
Cube! what an awesome movie and such a cool concept for a level. tbh, i'd rather see it done as a single player. :P 
Surely it would be uncompletable by any normal minded person... 
where exactly do I find the 360 degree preview panoramas pls? thnks 
click on one of the small buttons at the bottom of the box the map is in which brings you to a new page specifically about that map. at the top, there's links for panorama, video, download 
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