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ZDoom Stuff
ZDoom forums are such a mess... so this thread is for news and other stuff about the project, and to link to the occasional epic mod that floats along, such as Knee Deep in ZDoom
and Torment and Torture .

Just some background info in case anyone's missed out. Zdoom is a highly customized Doom engine written by Randy Heit and having a GL fork, GZDoom. Enhancements over Doom 2 include immersive cut-scenes, 3D worlds with jumping and swimming, removal of most Doom engine limits, translucency, a powerful Quake inspired console, screenshot tagged game-saves, and support for all Doom engine games including Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife.

It does have it's down sides... the worst of which is a very dynamic api where three things come to mind: It uses the closed source (and ever changing) FMOD library for sound and music; Randy occasionally makes disruptive changes of his own; and the GL features of GZDoom mean mods will often only work with either GZDoom or ZDoom. Did i mention Linux support is an f-ing nightmare. See these forums , ,
or get some old binaries here .
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IMO if I can play normal doom on UV then I think it should be balanced the same for other wads. 
Not really ... the player community has moved on from the retail levels and the skill level has ratcheted up accordingly. 
This way of thinking is selfish.

UV is the hardest skill level in Doom (NM is more of an additional game mode not intended for normal play). If every wad was balanced to play like Doom 2 on UV, players looking for bigger challenge would get nothing. 
Advise in this thread :-

Same Goes For Quake Maps Btw. 
Being able to beat Quake in skill 2 does not mean that you can beat modern SP maps in skill 2. 
Unless It's A Sandy Petersen Map... 
in which case no-one completes it on skill 2. ;) 
Yeah No Way Modern Quake Sp Skill 2 
is the same as ID skill 2.

Same should apply to current doom sp maps. 
You can apply the logic of scaling like the original Doom if you're playing it keyboard only without always run. If you aren't, then you have to acknowledge that people are making new maps to challenge their new skill ceiling.

I'm not good enough to even look at Sunder. That is a fact. However I will return to my previous post to say I finished Draft Excluder, and that final level had me in a vise, but I managed to carve a foothold and make it from there. 8 Cyberdemons and 5 Spider Masterminds... Not all at once, but - well, 6 of the Cyberdemons were all at once - I didn't think I could do it, but I did. 
Back To Saturn X Ep 01

What a fucking privilege it was to play this map pack.Seriously, the maps are gorgeous, some a little more than others, but across the board the map quality is top notch.

It took me about a week and half to get through the whole thing, but I felt it was worth it. Seriously, everything is great, except for like 2 small problems.

Music - Not to my liking. That's okay though, it didn't kill the experience.

Map Repetitiveness - Consistent use of the same texture set creates a cohesive whole, but a repetitive and tiring whole. They do change it up a bit more in the later levels, but it's all Q2-textured space stations. A hell level or two to break it up would have been welcome. That's okay though, it also didn't kill the experience.

There is also an Ep 02, which I have not played yet. 
There's a bit less repetition in the second episode, and I liked the music more (although that doesn't mean you'll like it too, of course). 
So I've been looking at Doom a little bit lately. I have a tech question which is super-noob, but ...

OK, so the WAD file contains the linedefs and sectors and so on. Is there a compilation process that goes on beforehand to generate a BSP tree of some kind or are they in there raw and Doom figures it out at load time? Like, what are editors like Doom Builder doing when they write out the file? Is there a pre-process step? 
There is, but I remember it taking only a couple seconds during the save on a Pentium 90 so it's probably unnoticeable now. 
Yeah, it's pretty much instantaneous I'm just wondering what it is. I mean, is there a command line tool you can grab from somewhere to do it on your own or is it a piece of code that every editor copy-pastas into their export routine or ... ? 
I thiiink it does the same thing qbsp does, but in only two dimensions, splitting sectors into convex subsectors and cutting necessary linedefs.

I also think it started out as a command line tool called NODES, but it's been rolled into the save process since DEU in the early 90s. 

Thanks for the push, I appreciate it! 
Actually, DB uses external node builders during saving. They're just bundled with it. It's possible to choose/configure/add them in the options. 
Only by messing with config files, pardonne moi. 
Ah, right, the tool was called BSP.

Funny how I associate that with Quake so strongly I didn't think it could have been the actual Doom map compiler name too, even though I knew B.S.P. is what it did. 
Quake's tool is QBSP.exe, not BSP.exe 
you know what I meeeean 
Back to Saturn X Episode 2 is very cool too. The temples remind me of Doom 64's, albeit a lot brighter. 
this years best megawad imho, just works, great looks, fun to play. Cacoward material 
Ozonia is pretty amazing stuff.

And am halfway through it's predecessor, exomoon, which was a bit slow to start but is still a blast. 
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