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Sauerbraten Trooper Edition Released
The latest version of the game Sauerbraten has been released:

Glittery screenshots:

* new playermodel, IronSnout X10K
* new weapon models
* new sound track
* new splash screen and logo
* 28 new multiplayer maps!
* 1 new singleplayer map
* new "protect" and "insta protect" game modes
* bots that work for both MP and offline play
* ragdoll physics
* texture blending and new flame/smoke particles for map editing
* in-game movie recording and also PNG screenshots
* new engines features like ZIP archive support, better grass, pre-compressed DXT1/3/5 textures for faster loading, fixed-function shadowmaps & dynamic lights, low cost blob shadows, particle culling, faster shader loading, revised post-process effect system, and more
* support for custom server ports, server passwords, public key crypto, and server-init.cfg for easier server configs
Last Screenshot 
Looks like a great cave system - my kind of thing. Not that I play this Sauer... game, but it looks good. 
Inconsistent Screenies Though 
lots of different mappers contributing I'm guessing, quality looks to vary quite a bit. 
this is the successor to the cube engine right? Its come a long way!

<3 Cube 
I must say some of the shots look good (some are weak though, I'd publish what looks good only). what is the Cube engine? is it Q3 based? 
Cube was a new engine coded from scratch by Aardappel. Sauerbraten is the sequel, which used Cube as a codebase (I think) and replaced/overhauled various sections of the code.

In addition to being written from scratch, the Cube/Sauerbraten code is pretty dramatically different from quake3 in terms of how it does pretty much everything. The world is an octree (or quadtree in Cube), visibility is done using some crazy occlusion method (or raycasting in Cube), etc. 
And In-game Editing 
or was that cube only? 
Sauerbraten too and it's a lot of fun. 
Texture Blending 
Hey guys, question: i found out how to blend textures in justice (vlayer) but i just can't find out how to do it in trooper edition, can u plz help me? I have the code of all the textures but i can't use \vlayer. How IS it working? 
Maybe you should head over to the sauerbraten forums and ask there. 
wow, that engine has really come a long way! 
Re: Texture Blending 
Santos -- Why are you trying to use the Trooper edition? Use Justice edition instead. Also I suggest you download the svn dev version. 
Loved It From The Beginning <3 
Sauerbraten had realy amazing fx at the time, and the ingame editing was also one step ahead.
And those quakeish maps in it, with parallax mapping :9
I could have beaten *peep* out of commercial stuff ^^ 
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