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Modelling Help\Screenshots\Requests
It has always been difficult to get decent models for quake 1. So a thread where people can get advice on making models and post a work-in-progress for critiques is long overdue.

Any requests for models may well get met with silence. Specific requests will likely stand a better chance; "I'd really like a knight but carrying a shield" might be better received than "we need a mdler to join our mod remaking counter-strike for darkplaces".
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For some reasons statics that are under 1000verts ans 2000 tris won't show up in fitzquake.
Like these trees, there's one that shuts down fiztquake immediately when added to the progs.
It's just the same as the others but it won't fit. 
Has Anyone Tried Sprites For Trees In Nilla Quake? 
if not for the entire tree, just the foliage?

The trunk looks quite nice in those pics, but those leaves aren't so hot.

old sprite tree test 
I guess I'll just leave this here:

Would be nice if more engines supported it :} 
Just one fairy sprite and you'll be able to recreate Ocarina in full :) 
I like those...

Madfox, the trunks are ok but the leaves being giant squares don't seem to look right to me. I think what you've created would look good if there was masked texture support (where you put a { before the texture). 
#1372 - Thanks! full-on sprite trees probably aren't appropriate for vanilla quake, aesthetically speaking.

#1373 - those look nice, are the trunks simply brushes? that map reminds of something out of spyro. 
Full Sprite Tree 
Doesn't look that good. Can't be lit and breaks down when you're close. 
Convert Quake 1 Models To Skeletal - Keep Anims 
Has anyone done the conversion of the Quake 1 mdl files into a skeletal animation format? The idea would be to use skeletal animation skinned to a rig that would maintain a fairly close match to the original animations, for use in engines that don't support vertex morph animation. 
Thre are engines that do not support changing the values of the vertices of a model? Odd, to say the least... 
Q1 Models 
I converted several Q1 models into an animation studio by using a redrawn base model of (let's say) a death22 pose frame of a monster.

This is done by using a skeletal base bone and attached it over the new base frame.
From that point I can change it into any pose and export it into any commen format. obj,3ds etc.

So far so good.

I'm not familiar with vertex morph animation. 
Guns Of Okayishness 
I decided to take a break from original content and do something I wanted to do for a long time: touch up the existing weapons so that they look less broken in the modern era of neat, polished visuals.

Then I decided to take a break from that, so I'm releasing what I currently have: all view models except axe, one world model. 
By existing weapons I meant stock weapons, of course. 
some nice improvements. I like the extra shadows on the NG and RL.

The world LG model is really awesome. Love the little touches you've done there, like the cell ammo on the gun at the butt, super nice.

Not 100% sure on the more rounder LG. I think the sharper edges of the original make it feel a bit more violent maybe. It still looks nice but I'm not used to it I guess.

I'd say the SNG skin could be tidier on the bottom of the barrel but is otherwise nice. Similar on the SSG, looks better but the texture blending near the bottom of the barrel is a bit too sharp.

Cant see what's updated about the GL, it's a shame that the v_model was basically a cylinder. Would love to see a touch more depth to the model? 
I made a bit of a modification to the SNG skin to demo what I am talking about, it's not super clean because I'm not sure where the wireframe is exactly (lots of trial and error here). 
Yeah, the SNG bothers me too. I probably should've left the bottom connected to the barrel itself on the skin, but I wanted to avoid distortions after having problems with SSG. I don't want the barrel to look as monolithic as on your skin or in Arcane Dimensions, but the parts should be connected in a more natural way.

GL is pretty much the same. The mesh is less crooked, the skin was reorganized, the flash was redone, but those are subtle changes.

As for LG, I think it's pretty clear from the skin that those things were supposed to be round. Being square made them weird - I mean, I understand conserving tris, but in this case it looked ridiculous to me. I even considered smoothing them on the pickup model, but forgot. 
I did notice that you had redone the skins on each model, they're much easier to understand now, less wasted space on them.

I think the barrel of the SNG is probably better smoothed off at the end. It's subjective, I never did like the black holes at the bottom of the originals. 
Well, the black holes won't be black holes in any case - the main reason for updating the skin was to get rid of them. 
For Better Or For Worse?

I didn't want to stray too far from the original designs unless absolutely necessary, but I dunno anymore. 
I kind of dig that actually.

Took a break my ass. 
From a technical standpoint that is some really nice texture-work. From a purely subjective standpoint it looks a bit like a mans willy... Dr Manhattan's big blue one.

hahaha... sorry, I know you probably don't want to hear it cause you've put a lot of love into it. ;) 
+1 For Willies 
IMO all of quake's weapons should contain phallic design motifs. The rocket launcher always took pole position in my list of favourite slaying tools, and I like the fact that dwere is enhancing this aspect of the game. 
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