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Modelling Help\Screenshots\Requests
It has always been difficult to get decent models for quake 1. So a thread where people can get advice on making models and post a work-in-progress for critiques is long overdue.

Any requests for models may well get met with silence. Specific requests will likely stand a better chance; "I'd really like a knight but carrying a shield" might be better received than "we need a mdler to join our mod remaking counter-strike for darkplaces".
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Quoth's Dildo Cannon 
needs to be usurped from it's big girthy, veiny, throne. 
I was well aware that a certain amount of people tend to see things in random elongated objects. When using elongated objects in art, one can only hope that none of those people would be brave enough to openly admit it.

BTW, don't blame me for SSG. It always looked like balls. 
I see dicks everywhere 
2 Models To Go

For those of you who were waiting for the Improperly Aimed Quadruple Dildo Gun: I'm sorry, but I had to partially cover it to avoid AO rating. 
these are bloody awesome! The b-models are exceptional. I do hope that the grenade launcher gets beefed up a little on the v-model though, it needs to look as epic as the b-model.

Great work so far though! 
That was me btw... wasnt logged on 
I'm flattered.

I don't know what to do with v_rock. Tried adding a few more polys, didn't like it. I think I shot myself in the leg by making the SNG casing look so elaborate on the view model. Now other things look blocky. 
V rock is OK tbh. Has plenty of polys... It's the grenade launcher that's the problem 
I meant grenade launcher. Rocket launcher is v_rock2. 
There was a high poly one that looked good, cant remember where to get it now though. I think just turning some of the texture detail into actual geometry detail would be enough to improve it. 
I'd say that's an improvement. I guess it's preference really. 
That's the best solution I've ever seen. Now it's just a matter of adding a small rounding around the edges of the darker gunmetal parts, and it'll be perfect. 
I think rounding would be too much. I'd rather leave it as it is (inlaid wood, simple corners), otherwise I'll have to do something with other models as well. 
You could bevel top edges. 
I know, I did, didn't like it. 
Khreathor Is Right 
What I meant is to bevel the edges. I didn't know the "bevel" word yet, I'm not a native English speaker. 
Latest Updates And Shit

Axe seemed to have a potential to be a giant pain in the ass for a relatively small gain, so I decided to postpone it and go straight to the software mode testing stage. Some of the models crapped out much worse than I predicted, but I fixed the most glaring issues by adding redundant geometry.

Fixing the less glaring issues would require adding even more crap and mangling the shit out of skins. I felt bad enough while applying the basic fixes, so I probably won't go any further.

Compatibility issues always cheer me up. 
Liking the update so far. I think the bevel works well on the GL. 
Fitting Model Boundary's 
After days of tinkering in MAx3d I begin to remember what it was to import a quake1 model.

One is to find the right dxf exporter with quads.
HDXFEXP Export PlugIn
Designed (X) 1999 by hab.

Then after boning the model it seems as if the attachment won't bring up an animating scene.
The bones animate, the model also, but the animation bar won't respond.
It seems I can't make keyframes odf the imported mesh.

So I'm saving every frame for free, which is a rather long way for a pose.

But yes, I can add new models to an excisting original.
stupid ogre 
Dents OK?

Ironically, I spend 90% of my time tweaking things that 90% of people will never see (this is a FOV 110 screenshot). 
Dude... This Looks Fantastic! 
Now someone should increase brush count on all vanilla maps. 
Just wondering if there is any updates coming on mods or anything, that shotgun looks like it should fit in quite nicely mega/super super shotgun. I'm not saying that ad mod's version isn't good or anything, but feels a bit out of place. It's interesting to know that many of those guns were actually scanned, and they scanned mostly toys when id was working on gun models, so I can't say is that the most professional way to do it.. but I guess that can make quite unique guns. 
I think I preferred the symmetrical one. Actually I thought you were pretty much down with the models, I've been using them! 
I'm mostly doing compatibility tweaks now, but sometimes I see less under-the-hood things I'm not entirely happy with, so I change them as well. 
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