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Quake Archiving Project
You may already be aware of the shutdown of planetquake's free hosting (and other IGN sites.) There is now an organized effort to archive all the hosted sites that would otherwise be lost. Check it out here:

Or for more background, read these threads:

UPDATE: Chip reports that the project is actually complete, and that you can view all archived sites at
May The Force Be With Them 
It's Done! 
It's already done. At Still some bugs to fix, but the grunt work has been completed. 
Holy Shit. 
That was fast. You kick much ass. 
It's Ironic 
that the planetquake sites are more accessible on the archive than they were on planetquake itself. :P

thanks, i'm actually discovering sites i've never seen before. 
is it over? seems there's still some missing things here and there, such as the java applets on Ramshakle, and the individual character gif images on the Quake Name Maker 4 website...

Is there still a chance to find and fix these or is this it? 
Just Realized... 
both those problems are because of images not referenced by html, but instead referenced within Java or Javascript code. So maybe it was a wget shortcoming and the images are still on planetquake. 
Update 2: 
okay, it seems that even the planetquake version of ramshackle has java errors even with the images present, so i guess it's not the missing images that are the problem. I have no idea what's wrong with the java.

the quake name maker it's really just missing images. The script needs 001.gif all the way to 255.gif, from the following location: 
Chip has "only" finished the automated mirroring part I think. The hard part starts now. 
The URLs to the reviews etc. can be found in the source of the left navigation frame. The java applet is parameterized with those urls. 
Ramshackle Content 
I extracted the URLs and put them in a file which you can get here: 
I noticed that. Also the images used for the little "random screenshot" applet are in the source too. So we can definitely get those images, i was hoping we could figure out why the applets were failing (seems to be more than just missing images) 
It Throws A NullPointerException 
Without the source, you can't fix it, and a quick google tells me that this applet was released in 1997. I would replace it with text links or some dhtml. 
I did get the ramshackle files earlier already, but I haven't yet made a html navigation for it.

Make sure to keep an eye on the threads at Inside3D: 
Is It Just Me 
or did you guys forget to archive teamshambler? I know it's placed on Quaddicted, but so are prefab and spq2, which got archived... 
"I would replace it with text links or some dhtml."

Yeah there's no harm in hard coding it all now. It isn't like Ramshackle needs to be flexible to handle new content being added. 
I assumed that teamshambler would get hosted on quakewiki, too, but I see there's no need for that :) 
that's weird indeed, well no idea 
This Is Real Cool 
glad this is happening. I did notice Lt. Dan is not in the archives... but anyhow. REAL NICE JOB! thanks :) 
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